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Europa-Jeep Fiat-MAN-Saviem
Europa-Jeep Hotchkiss-Büssing-Lancia

The Europa Jeep was an abandoned, multinational military vehicle project.

During the 1960s, several European governments began cooperating on development of a vehicle known as the Europa Jeep, a lightweight, amphibious four wheel drive vehicle that could be mass-produced for use by various national military and government groups. Development of the vehicle proved time consuming, however, and by 1979 the project had been abandoned.

The German government was in need of a limited number of light, inexpensive, durable transport vehicles that could fulfill their basic needs while the Europa Jeep was being developed and put into production. Volkswagen was instead instructed by the German government to create the Volkswagen 181. After the abandonment of the Europa Jeep a number of NATO countries also adopted the 181.