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Europa Partners Limited is a London-based investment bank registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (the "FCA"). The firm provides mergers and acquisitions and fund-raising advice to corporations and private equity firms. It is authorised to do business throughout the European Union (source: FCA website).


Europa Partners was founded in 2000 by Paul Zisman who still runs the firm and David von Simson who died in 2012. The firm prides itself on its independence, and cites being wholly owned by its partners as being vital to the culture. It was first registered with the Securities and Futures Association in 2001.

Industry and Geographic Specialisations[edit]

The firm covers four key sectors: Media, Luxury goods, Professional Services and Culture and the Arts. It has a track record of assignments involving companies based in the USA, Canada, Benelux, Scandinavia, Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe and India. It also has connections in certain parts of the Middle East.

Recent history[edit]

The firm has recently completed transactions or assignments with the following organisations: Makinson Cowell/ KPMG; Elsevier/ Omnicom; Armit Wines; Boat International Media; Virgin Trains; British Airports Authority.

Other activity[edit]

Paul Zisman is also Chairman of the London Sinfonietta and Cardinall’s Musick. They are respectively a contemporary classical music ensemble and an award-winning English Renaissance music vocal ensemble. He claims there are useful similarities between the creation of great music and the orchestration of a successful financial deal.

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