Europa Pass Batteries

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Europa Pass Batteries
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
2nd Europa Pass Battery, Gibraltar.jpg
2nd Europa Pass Battery in 2012
Europa Pass Batteries is located in Gibraltar
Europa Pass Batteries
Europa Pass Batteries
Coordinates 36°07′00″N 5°20′53″W / 36.116589°N 5.348046°W / 36.116589; -5.348046Coordinates: 36°07′00″N 5°20′53″W / 36.116589°N 5.348046°W / 36.116589; -5.348046
Type Artillery batteries
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar

Europa Pass Batteries are a group of artillery batteries in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. They are located north west of Europa Point in the south of Gibraltar, just off Europa Road.[1]

In 1859 the battery had seven guns that looked over the west shoreline around Little Bay. Close to the shore was the Devil's Bowling Green Battery that was overlooked by this battery and the Buena Vista Battery.[2]

The ownership of houses associated with the Europa Pass Batteries were passed from the UK Ministry of Defence to the Government of Gibraltar in 2011. The agreement swapped over 300 MOD houses and flats with the Government of Gibraltar and in exchange they agreed to build 90 new houses on remaining MOD land.[3]


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