Europa Universalis: Rome

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Europa Universalis: Rome
EU Rome CD cover.jpg
Developer(s)Paradox Development Studio
Publisher(s)Paradox Interactive
Producer(s)Johan Andersson
Programmer(s)Thomas Johansson
  • Jonas Jakobsson
  • Mikael Olsson
Composer(s)Andreas Waldetoft
SeriesEuropa Universalis
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, OS X
  • NA: 15 April 2008
  • EU: 18 April 2008
Genre(s)Grand strategy
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Europa Universalis: Rome is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The game is set during the time of the Roman Republic, beginning in 280 BC with the start of the Pyrrhic war, and ending with the rise of the Roman Empire in 27 BC. Players have a choice of leading any of over 53 factions, which represent 10 prominent cultures including Carthaginian, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman.[1] The game was released for Microsoft Windows in April 2008, followed by an OS X version ported by Virtual Programming in July 2008.[2]

On November 19, 2008, the game's only expansion, Vae Victis, was released.[3] Paradox had ideas for a second expansion based around the timeline of Alexander the Great, but this was never developed.[4]

On 23 July 2010, Virtual Programming published the Mac OS X version of the Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition, which includes the Vae Victis expansion pack.[5]


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