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Europay International was the name of the entity created by the merger of Eurocard International and Eurocheque International. The merged entity was headquartered in Waterloo, Belgium, on the same premises as EPSS (European Payment Systems Services) and MasterCard EMEA (the MasterCard region comprising Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

Europay International was the owner of the following payment brands: Eurocard (charge card), Eurocheque (paper-based pan-European cheque system), ec travellers' cheque (paper-based European travellers' cheques), Clip (European e-purse based on CEPS).

Furthermore, it held the European licenses of the following payment brands: MasterCard (credit card), Maestro (online debit card, joint-venture with MasterCard International)

In 2002, Europay International merged with MasterCard International to form MasterCard, Inc. Today the combined company is known as MasterCard Worldwide.