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The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA), established on June 2, 2009, is the European association representing both research and industry in the field of algae technologies


EABA was founded during its inaugural conference on June 1-2nd, 2009 at Villa La Pietra in Florence.


The general objective of the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) is to promote mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of algae production and use, including biofuels uses and all other utilisations. It aims at creating, developing and maintaining solidarity and links between its Members and at defending their interests at European and international level. Its main target is to act as a catalyst for fostering synergies among scientists, industrialists and decision makers in order to promote the development of research, technology and industrial capacities in the field of algae.

In this perspective EABA intends to constitute a basis for:

  • Establishing a permanent liaison with EU and EU Member States’ Institutions
  • Defining and expressing a common position on EU issues (legislation, product specifications, trade and sustainability standards, etc.), acting as a technology neutral platform
  • Representing the European algae industry and scientific community at international level
  • Spreading scientific information and knowledge about algae and biofuels production
  • Making research and industry alive in public debate
  • Promoting investment and financial support in the field of algae
  • Helping the structuring and planning of research and industrial development on algae
  • Fostering scientific freedom as well as responsibility
  • Studying all economic and technical problems which may impact the sector in the
  • European Union and related countries and studying all the direct and indirect environmental, social and economic effects of production and use
  • Breaking scientific boundaries on Algae
  • Promoting the exchange of scientific information and the publication of sound articles

Membership and structure[edit]

EABA’s president, Prof. Mario Tredici, is serving a 2-years term since his election on June 2, 2009. The EABA Vice-presidents are Mr. Claudio Rochietta, (Oxem, Italy), Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos (University of Ghent, Belgium) and Mr. Marc Van Aken (SBAE Industries, Belgium). The EABA Executive Director is Mr. Raffaello Garofalo. The association is headquartered in Florence, Italy.

EABA has 58 founding members and the EABA total membership reached 79 members in December 2010.


AquaFUELs is a European research project focusing on establishing the state of the art on research, technological development and demonstration activities using algae biomass for 2nd generation biofuels, assessing the overall sustainability of algae biofuels.

AquaFUELs promotes critical thinking and reasoning are necessary to draft the lines of future developments in this field, with a view to understanding the place of algae among renewable energy sources in the EU, with a careful eye to sustainability and social implications.

AquaFUELs aims to draw the detailed, comprehensive and concrete picture of the actual status quo of EU and international initiatives on algae biofuels. Based on this work, AquaFUELs will successively elaborate an overall assessment on the technology, and identify major research and industrial needs.

The surveys and assessments produced by AquaFUELs will address the full life cycle analysis - from collection to fuel use - in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability. A major mean to reach project goals will be the coordination of a critical mass of ongoing research activities, that will be actively involved in the preparation of surveys as well as in the elaboration of the assessment studies and identification of future needs. Creating and maximizing synergies among these initiatives is the major project result.

The project provides support to the establishment of the European Algae Biomass Association, which promotes mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of algae biomass research, production and use.

Cooperation with other organisations[edit]

EABA is a candidate member of the European Renewable Energy Council

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