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The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) is an international scientific association.

The Association is a nonprofit organization whose revenues must be used exclusively and completely for furthering these aims. The aims of the Association are mainly accomplished by organising workshops, conferences, events, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, and discussions, by cooperating in editing professional journals, and by promoting postgraduate education for junior scholars. Founded in 1990, EAERE has approximately 1200 members in over 60 countries from Europe and beyond, from academic and research institutions, international organisations, the public sector, and the business world. Membership is open to individuals who by their profession, training and/or function are involved in environmental, climate and resource economics as a science, and to institutions operating in fields connected with the aims of the Association.

EAERE activities started with the First Annual Conference held at the University of Venice, Italy in April 1990. More than two hundred scholars from Europe and North-America took part in this event. Following the success of the meeting and the enthusiasm of the participants, the organizers decided to take formal steps to establish an association. During the Second Annual Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1991 candidates for the presidency and the council were announced. After an election by the Association members, the first Council took office in January 1992.

In May 1992, the legal seat of EAERE was established in Siegen, Germany. In May 2006, the legal seat of EAERE was transferred to Venice, Italy, and the Association and its Statutes are governed by Italian law.

Annual conferences[edit]

Each summer, EAERE organises its Annual Conference, an invaluable opportunity for meeting, exchanging and debating current topics in environmental, climate and resource economics. With approximately 800 individual participants attending from all over the world, international researchers, scholars, economists and students convene to the EAERE Annual Conferences in the spirit of economic discovery, research, analysis and collaboration. Conferences are held in European countries and unite European participants together with their national and international neighbours. Every four years since 1998, EAERE's Annual Conference is held within the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, an international event organised together with AERE. From 2018, the event is co-organised by AERE, EAAERE and EAERE.

During EAERE 24th Annual Conference in Manchester (26-29 June 2019), EAERE President Carlo Carraro presented the Economists Statement on Carbon Pricing, a document prepared by the EAERE Policy Outreach Committee to be proposed for endorsement to the whole community of economists in Europe and worldwide. The statement aims to convey the European perspective on carbon pricing and to draw the attention of policy-makers to its importance as a key instrument to achieve the future de-carbonization targets. The Statement has already been signed by 1600 economists worldwide.

Educational outreach[edit]

EAERE offers scholars, researchers and students a rich educational outreach portfolio consisting of its annual Summer and Winter Schools. The broader objective of this series of events is to provide advanced training for young researchers from all over Europe and beyond on environmental, climate and resource economics

Since 2000 EAERE has been successfully running their European Summer School in Resource and Environmental Economics. In response to the high demand by scholars and junior researchers the EAERE council decided to extend the offer and to establish a European Winter School in collaboration with ETH Zurich from 2018 on. The broader objective of both school series is to provide advanced training for young researchers from all over Europe and beyond on European issues of environmental and resource economics.

Official journals[edit]

EAERE has two flagship journals: ERE and REEP.

The primary concern of Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) Journal is the application of economic theory and methods to environmental issues and problems across a range of spatial and temporal scales up to the global dimension. ERE is published by Springer.

The Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (REEP) Journal aims to fill the gap between traditional academic journals and the general interest press by providing a widely accessible yet scholarly source for the latest thinking on environmental economics and related policy. REEP is published in partnership with the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE).


  • The EAERE Fellows program was instituted in 2019 to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of environmental and resource economics. EAERE fellows must have contributed to the advancement of the profession of environmental and resource economists through outstanding publications, and/or important roles in the policy word, and/or important roles in the Association's governance and/or activities.
  • The EAERE Award for ERC Grants laureates in the field of environmental and resource economics intends to recognize the scientific excellence of ERC individual grantees (Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants and Advanced Grants). It aims at welcoming Awardees to the EAERE community by granting them a complimentary membership for the time of their ERC Grants. Awardees are offered to publish regularly outputs of their research projects via the EAERE magazine, communication channels and social networks, so that EAERE members will be constantly updated about the progresses of the results of frontier research in Europe.
  • With the support of the Kempe Foundation, EAERE biannually confers the Erik Kempe Award to the best paper in the field of environmental and resource economics, published in a refereed journal by an author affiliated to a European research institution.
  • EAERE also recognises outstanding achievement in two areas in contemporary scholarship through the European Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Economics and the European Practitioner Achievement in Applying Environmental Economics.
  • The EAERE Award for Outstanding Publication in the Journal Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE), recognizes exemplary research published in ERE during the past year. The Award is given annually and announced at the EAERE Annual Conference.
  • The European Award for Researchers in Environmental Economics under the Age of Forty is a recognition given every year to the environmental economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to environmental economic thought and knowledge. If there is a significant body of joint work, the prize may be awarded jointly to two recipients provided that both recipients are under the age of forty. The Award is honorary and materially consists of Springer books vouchers to the value of EUR 1.000.
  • The Best Poster Award at EAERE Annual Conference (2008-2017) was issued to recognise the best poster presented during EAERE Annual Conferences.

The Policy Outreach Committee[edit]

The EAERE Policy Outreach Committee (POC) was established in year 2018, with the main objective of making the Association more influential in the EU policy arena. The Committee aims at (1) designing and propose new activities and actions that the Association can implement; (2) becoming a relevant stakeholder for EU and international organisations; (3) being invited to provide advice on policy decisions and research programs; (4) setting a stage for a more integrated dialogue between academia and policy world; (5) supporting policy institutions in developing countries.

Senior and experienced EAERE members, with a strong reputation in the policy arena and capable of designing successful actions, are members of this committee.


EAERE Magazine

The quarterly EAERE Magazine is published in January, April, July, and October. It is an outlet for new research, projects, and other professional news, and features articles that can contribute to recent policy discussions and developments in the field of environmental and natural resource economics. The editor is Astrid Dannenberg, from the University of Kassel, Germany.

Monthly newsletter

EAERE provides its members with a monthly Newsletter, which is published at the end of each month. It is meant as an outlet for professional news. It includes workshop announcements, job offers, and other relevant information. It is a means of exchange about the role that environmental economics serves in Europe and the direction that this research field should take.

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