European Biomass Association

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European Biomass Association
AEBIOM logo 200x87.png
Abbreviation AEBIOM
Formation 1990, Brussels, Belgium
Type Trade Association
Purpose Renewable energy, Bioenergy
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Region served
30 national associations 90 companies (2018)
Didzis Palejs (LV)
General Secretary
Jean-Marc Jossart (BE)
Main organ
Board of Directors, Steering Committee, General Assembly
Affiliations WBA (World Biomass Association)
17 (2018)

The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM, from the official French name Association Européenne pour la Biomasse) is a European trade association opens to national biomass associations and bioenergy companies active in Europe. AEBIOM was founded in 1990 under the leadership of french senator Michel Souplet with the objective to promote biomass production and application throughout Europe.

AEBIOM is the umbrella organisation of the European Pellet Council (EPC),[1] and the International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC).[2]


In 2016, AEBIOM was involved in different EU-funded projects:[3]

Members - National Associations (29)[edit]

  • Austrian Biomass Association - ABA
  • Association for extension of biomass in Spain - ADABE
  • British Biogen
  • Bulgarian Biomass Association - BBA
  • Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff Marketing- und Energie-Netzwerk e.V. - CARMEN
  • Czech Biomass Association - CZ-BIOM
  • Danish Biomass Association - DANBIO
  • Energy utilization Biomass Association - EUBA
  • Estonia Biofuels Association - EBU
  • European Wood Energy Technical Institute- ITEBE - France
  • Finnish Bioenergy Association - FINBIO
  • German BioEnergy Association - BBE
  • Greek Biomass Association - HELLABIOM
  • Hungarian Biomass Association - HBA
  • Italian Biomass Association - ITABIA
  • Irish Bioenergy Association - IrBEA
  • Latvian Bioenergy Association - LATBIO
  • Lithuanian Bioenergy Association - LITBIOMA
  • Norwegian Bioenergy Association - NOBIO
  • Polish Biomass Association - POLBIOM
  • Slovak Association for Biomass - SK-BIOM
  • Slovenian Biomass Association - SLO-BIOM
  • South Tyrol Biomass Association - STBA - Italy
  • Russian Biomass Association - RBA
  • Swedish Bioenergy Association - SVEBIO
  • Swiss Farmer's Union - SBV
  • The Netherlands Bio-energy Association - NL-BEA
  • Ukrainian Bioenergy Association - UBA
  • Valorization of Biomass in Belgium - ValBiom

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