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European Biotechnology Association

The European Biotechnology Association (European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association- EBTNA) is an organization founded in 1996 and since presents both academic and industrial projects that help to establish connections between the biotech industry and science. Biotechnology is wide term which includes fields such as Animal Biotechnology, Medical Genetics, Biocatalysis/Biotransformation, Medicine & Biotechnology, Bioinformatics/System Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biosensors, Omics Sciences, Biotechnology & Ethics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Renewables, Biorefinery, Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts, Enzyme and Protein Engineering, Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Food & Feed Biotechnology. That is why this innovative discipline is so important to humankind. So global tasks such as the announcement of the developments in the field of biotechnology, public education, and connection of scientists of different fields is undertaken by EBTNA. By using coordinating system EBTNA realizes activities in 47 countries worldwide.


a. to implement, consult or supervise programs for the assessment of skills and knowledge in sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology;

b. to undertake programs concerning education, training and research, especially those concerning innovative approaches;

c. to operate as a consultant or assessor in programs concerning education and training;

d. to provide certification of achievement when assessments have been carried out under appropriate conditions;

e. to co-operate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of its objectives;

f. to extend the reach of all aspects of education in biotechnology beyond national border.


  • 2011- European Biotechnology Congress / İstanbul[1]
  • 2012- Eurobiotech Agriculture Symposium / Kayseri[2]
  • 2012 -European Biotechnology Week / Valencia
  • 2013- European Biotechnology Congress /Bratislava[3]
  • 2014- European Biotechnology Congress Lecce /İtaly[4]
  • 2014- European Biotechnology Days Cluj/Napoca
  • 2015- European Biotechnology Congress Bucharest/ Romania[5]
  • 2016- European Biotechnology Congress Riga/ Latvia.
  • 2017- European Biotechnology Congress will be held in Dubrovnik/ Croatia, 25–27 May 2017.


Association established in 1996 by Prof.Mariapia Viola Magni in Piazza University in Italy. First president of association were Prof. Mariapia Viola Magni, after her Prof. Fabrizio Bruschi was in charge as president. Prof. Magni still serves as General Secretary. The current board is;

President: Prof. Munis Dündar- Erciyes University/Turkey

General Secretary: Prof.Mariapia Viola Magni- Piazza University/Italy

Vice President: Prof. Kevan Gartland- Glasgow Caledonia University/ U.K.

Treasurer: Prof. Tommasso Beccari- Perugia University/Italy

Member: Prof Oscar Vicente- Polytechnic University of Valencia/Spain

Member: Prof Juraj Krajcovic- Comenius University/Slovakia

Member: Prof Michelle Maffia- Salento University/Italy

Member: Prof Michel Salzet- Lille University/France


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