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Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, 2014 European Capital of Sport

The European Capital of Sport is an award from ACES (European Capitals of Sport Association)[1] that has been given since 2001 for a period of one calendar year. ACES is a private company, and has no organic link with the European Union.

List of Capitals by Year[edit]

The following cities were at one point or will be the European Capital of Sport:[2]

European Capital of Sport
Year City Country Notes
2001 Madrid Spain Spain
2002 Stockholm Sweden Sweden
2003 Glasgow United Kingdom United Kingdom
2004 Alicante Spain Spain
2005 Rotterdam Netherlands Netherlands
2006 Copenhagen Denmark Denmark
2007 Stuttgart Germany Germany
2008 Warsaw Poland Poland
2009 Milan Italy Italy
2010 Dublin Republic of Ireland Ireland
2011 Valencia Spain Spain
2012 Istanbul Turkey Turkey
2013 Antwerp Belgium Belgium
2014 Cardiff United Kingdom United Kingdom
2015 Turin Italy Italy [3] (other candidate: Poland Krakow)
2016 Košice Slovakia Slovakia (other candidate: Czech Republic Prague Italy Palermo) [4]
2017 Marseille France France [4]
2018 Sofia Bulgaria Bulgaria [4]

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