European Commercial Internet Exchange

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European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX)
Abbreviation ECIX
Founded 2001
Location Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Germany
Members >170 As of April 2013[1]
Peak 120 Gbits/s As of April 2013[2]
Daily (avg.) daily average 40 Gbits/s As of September 2011

European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX) is a brand name of PEERING GmbH. The headquarters is in Berlin. PEERING GmbH is a commercial organisation operating the ECIX. There are three POP's in Germany with more than 150 members[1] and peak traffic higher than 120Gbit/s,[2] making it the second largest IXP in Germany by membership and traffic. ECIX currently operates a Extremenetworks, Brocade, Force10 and Cisco-based infrastructure with 1-100Gbit/s links.




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