European Democratic Party (Czech Republic)

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European Democratic Party
Evropská demokratická strana
Leader Jana Hybášková
Founded 2008
Dissolved 2010
Headquarters Prague
Ideology Conservative liberalism
Political position Centre-right
European affiliation None
Colours Blue and Yellow

The European Democratic Party (Czech: Evropská demokratická strana, EDS) was a Czech liberal conservative, Pro-European political party founded in November 2008, and chaired by Jana Hybášková.


EDS was registered with the Czech Ministry of the Interior in the week prior to 27 November 2008.[1] It was announced to the public at the National Gallery in Prague on 26 November 2008.[1]


EDS focusses on the economic development of the Czech Republic, the adoption of the euro and energy security.[2] It is for European integration and adopting European law in Czech legislation.[1][3]


EDS shares a name with the europarty called the European Democratic Party, but it is not connected with it.


EDS personnel include:


EDS supporters include:


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