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European Democrats
National affiliationStrength is in Unity

The European Democrats (Georgian: ევროპელი დემოკრატები, evropeli demokratebi) is a political movement in Georgia, formed in 2005 by a group of internally displaced persons from breakaway Abkhazia. Its chairman is Paata Davitaia, former Minister of Justice in the Abkhazian government-in-exile. The party focuses mainly on the Abkhazia problem and targets displaced persons. It was known as We, Ourselves or On Our Own (Georgian: ჩვენ თვითონ, chven t'vit'on) until September 2011, and it remains the party's slogan.

It has been a member of the United Opposition alliance which staged mass anti-government demonstrations in November 2007 and was running on a joint ticket in the parliamentary election in May 2008.[1]


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