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The European Environmental Press (EEP) is a Europe-wide association of nearly two dozen environmental magazines.[1] The combined circulation is 800.000. Each member is considered the leader in its country and is committed to building links between 400,000 environmental professionals across Europe in both the public and private sectors. The EEP is unique in bringing together the leading national business-to-business magazines as an expert network for the dissemination of high-quality environmental information throughout Europe. The target market for EEP is highly educated individuals. It deals with different environmental issues across the board, including water supply, waste management, recycling,remediation of contaminated land, air pollution, noise, energy, and tracking technologies as well as environmental administration.[2] The magazine is highly technologically optimistic and has focused on many technological solutions to environmental problems.[3]

The European Environmental Press presents various companies with awards that relate to creating clever and efficient solutions to environmental problems as well as in their efforts to reduce pollution and contribute to bettering the environment.[4] They do this in association with Pollutec,a French trade-show company and is endorsed by The European Network of Environmental Professionals (EFAP). Applications are announced and nobody is exempt from the opportunity to participate.A committee gathers and nominates ten winners from all the ones that applied. The committee then decides the winners from the nominated batch. There are three winners, gold, silver and bronze. The gold winners receive spreads in the EEP magazines and they also get the opportunity to present their projects at various conferences across Europe the most important one being Pollutec. Being nominated is also useful for the companies as their work often gets cited in the magazine, sparking discussion, fundraising and inspiration.[5]

Examples of Companies and Countries Winning the EEP Award
Company Country Year
Lenzing Group Austria 2011
Oilguard Switzerland 2011
Nonox Denmark 2009
Nanovis Switzerland 2007
Yara Norway 2007
Umicore Batteries Belgium and Germany 2004
Interline Resources Corp Spain and USA 2004

China and the European Environmental Press[edit]

The Guardian and the EEP collaborated in May 2010 in recognizing China's efforts at reducing pollution and taking steps towards a more sustainable future. This was also a journalism event, honoring journalists who were doing new and thorough investigations of the country's environment.[6]

Name Title Award
Meng Dengke Experts, lobbyists or businessmen? Incinerator supporters, Who do you speak for? Best investigative report
Lu Zhenhua Questions for the Inland Three-Gorges: An investigation of 120 billion yuan wind power investment in Jiuquan. Most influential story
Yang Chuanmin Chemical giants loom over Three Gorges In-depth journalism award

Ekoloji Magazin from Turkey used to be published in the EEP often in the early 2000s, as well as Spanish TIASA - Tecno Ambiente

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