European Federalist Party

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European Federalist Party
President Pietro De Matteis
Vice-president Georgios Kostakos
Secretary General Emmanuel Rodary
Founded 6 November 2011
Merger of Europe United Party
French Federalist Party
Ideology European federalism
Social liberalism
Colours Yellow and blue

The European Federalist Party was a pro-European, pan-European and federalist political party from 2011 to 2016 which advocated further integration of the European Union through the establishment of a democratic and federal Europe.[1]

The party was launched in Paris on 6 November 2011 as a merger of Europe United and the French Federalist Party.[2] Its aim is to gather all Europeans to promote European federalism and to participate in all elections all over Europe. Its first electoral contest was the European Parliament election, 2014, in which it failed to secure a seat.[3] At the 6th European Federalist Convention (December 3, 2016), the European Federalist Party agreed to integrate itself into a new Euro-federalist organisation called Stand Up For Europe, together with Stand up for the United States of Europe and United States of Europe Now.[4]

Representation at national and local levels[edit]

The EFP claims to be the first truly transnational party in Europe, with sections in 16 countries and electoral candidates across the continent.[5] Its transnational credentials are rooted in its operation as a single party, rather than an alliance of national European parties.[6] The EFP has national and regional sections in:

The EFP also has representatives in other EU countries, as well as in  Iceland,  Norway,  China, and the  United States.


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