European Federation for Transport and Environment

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Transport & Environment
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Type NGO
Legal status Federation
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Executive Director
William Todts
João Vieira
Philippa Edmunds
Christian Nobel

The European Federation for Transport and Environment, commonly referred to as Transport & Environment (T&E) is a European umbrella for non-governmental organisations working in the field of transport and the environment, promoting sustainable transport in Europe; which means an approach to transport that is environmentally responsible, economically sound and socially just.


T&E was created in 1990 with the realisation that many political decisions that influence the environmental damage caused by transport - both positively and negatively - are taken at a European level. These involve getting transport prices right, vehicle emission limits, fuel quality standards, taxes, funding of infrastructure, safety requirements, air quality standards, deregulation and liberalization and more.


Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development. Transport policy should minimise harmful impacts on the environment and health, maximise efficiency of resources, including energy and land, and guarantee safety and sufficient access for all.


Mind the Gap[edit]

Issued every year, this report examines the difference between the official laboratory test results and real-world CO2 emissions and fuel economy of cars. The difference between official laboratory test results and real-world car performance is jumping from 9% in 2001 to 28% in 2012 and 42% in 2015. It is expected to reach 50% before 2020.[1] One of the sources for real-world fuel consumption values used in this study is the data set provided by Spritmonitor.

Main campaign areas[edit]

Air pollution


Better trade and regulation


Cars and CO2

Cleaner, safer trucks

Dieselgate: Testing reform

Dirty Oil

Effort Sharing Regulation

EU Transport Policy




Vehicle Noise


T&E is currently supported by 50 organisations (42 members and 8 supporters) in 26 countries.[2]


Transport & Environment received funding from the following institutions in 2016: more than 750,000 euros from the European Climate Foundation and The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. More than 500,000 euros from the European Commission, more than 250,000 euros from ClimateWorks Foundation, more than a 100,000 euros from Funders for Fair Trade and the Oak Foundation, more than 25,000 euros from BirdLife, De Staatsecretaris van Infrastructuur en Milieu, FIA Foundation, the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Stiftung Mercator, and Transport for London.

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