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European Federation of Biotechnology
FounderEuropean scientists
Founded atBarcelona, Spain
Purposepromote biotechnology

EFB's Logo
Logo of the European Federation of Biotechnology

The European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) was established by European scientists in 1978. It is a non-profit federation of national biotechnology associations, learned societies, universities, scientific institutes, biotechnology companies and individual biotechnologists working to promote biotechnology throughout Europe and beyond.

The mission of the EFB is to promote the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of the life sciences, to promote research and innovation at the cutting edge of biotechnology, to provide a forum for interdisciplinary and international cooperation, to improve scientific education and to facilitate an informed dialogue between scientists, the biotechnology industries and the public.

The EFB Central Office (ECO) is located in Barcelona, Spain. Membership administration, organization of Executive Board meetings and General Assemblies, website management and organization of scientific meetings for EFB Sections and promotion of the European Congresses on Biotechnology are some of the main responsibilities of ECO.[1]

European Congress on Biotechnology[edit]

ECB2018 Logo
Logo of the European Congress on Biotechnology 2018

The European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB) is a conference for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe, organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology.

The first Congress in the series was held in 1978 (Interlaken, Switzerland). As in all of the earlier congresses, the principal aim of the current ECB2018 is bring together the international scientific community and many segments of the biotech industry. The Congress will present the latest developments in front-line research and provide a platform for exchanging ideas in biotechnology and its applications. Participants will be able to interact with business leaders, investors, trade exhibitors and policy makers to discuss regulatory issues and the bioeconomy.[2]


New Biotechnology is the official journal of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) and is published bimonthly. It covers both the science of biotechnology and its surrounding political, business and financial milieu. The journal publishes peer-reviewed basic research papers, authoritative reviews, feature articles and opinions in all areas of biotechnology. It reflects the full diversity of current biotechnology science, particularly those advances in research and practice that open opportunities for exploitation of knowledge, commercially or otherwise, together with news, discussion and comment on broader issues of general interest and concern. The outlook is fully international.

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