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European Federation of Magazine Publishers
Industry Magazine
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Key people
David Hanger, President
Jean-Antoine Bouchez, Vice-President
João Palmerio, Vice-President

The European Federation of Magazine Publishers (FAEP) is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium that represents 15,000 publishers throughout Europe (mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises) publishing over 50,000 magazine titles in Europe.


FAEP's mission is to protect and promote the interests of European magazine publishers vis-à-vis the Institutions of the European Union: the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council. The main aim of FAEP is to ensure a long-term survival and prosperity of a plural, diverse and economically successful magazine publishing industry in the EU.

FAEP defends freedom of expression, promotes pluralism and diversity, and ensures that Europe’s periodical press industry remains competitive and vibrant. It supports self-regulatory mechanisms, backed up by an equitable and balanced legal framework. FAEP points out that the freedom of commercial communication is an integral part of the overall principle of freedom of expression. Commercial communications are the life-blood of the majority of periodical publications.

As of 2011, FAEP's membership is composed of 28 national associations of periodical press publishers and 26 corporate publishing companies in Europe. Altogether FAEP represents over 15,000 publishers (mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises) publishing over 50,000 magazine titles throughout Europe.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

FAEP's mission is “to promote and protect the interests of publishers of the periodical press within the European Union thus ensuring the long-term survival and prosperity of a plural, diverse and economically successful magazine publishing industry in the EU”. FAEP is on the European Commission's register of interest representatives.



FAEP President - David Hanger

David Hanger is President of FAEP and has held the position since January 2006. He was reelected in June 2011 for a new term as president.[2] He is also Publisher and Chief Executive of Prospect magazine, a monthly magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain.

Hanger stepped down as Board Director and Publisher of The Economist, after its circulation passed the one million mark. He is given much of the credit for having the vision and leading the team that raised The Economist from a small, predominantly UK, specialist title to an accepted global brand, commanding a market leader position.

His interest in the industry continues as a former Vice-President and now President of FAEP, Chairman of the Worshipful Company of Marketer's Think Tank, Vice-President of the History of Advertising Trust, Director of The Advertising Standards Board of Finance and Chairman of The Debating Group.

His past activities include past World President of the International Advertising Association (IAA), past Chief Examiner CAM International Advertising and Marketing, past Chairman of the European Advertising Tri-partite, and Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.[3][4]


There are two Vice-Presidents.

Jean-Antoine Bouchez launched Mieux vivre votre argent in France, 26 years ago, the first magazine devoted to personal finances. Today it is number one in its field. Groupe Mieux Vivre which also publishes a weekly stock-market newsletter and several book-series, is now part of Groupe Express-Expansion under Jean-Antoine Bouchez's responsibility. Jean-Antoine Bouchez has been on the board of directors of SPMI since 2001.

João Palmeiro is President of the Portuguese Editors Association since 2000. João has a long career in the publishing sector, as well as a professor in various Portuguese universities, as a Commercial and Marketing director in different Portuguese publishing houses and as a member of the board of different radio stations. For two short periods, he was also development and management director in two Portuguese advertising agencies. He has also served in the Portuguese civil service as public information chief officer, and in this capacity he was a member of the Mass Media Committee of the Europe Council and also of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Commission for Communication Development.[5]


Executive Director[edit]

FAEP Executive Director - Max von Abendroth

Max von Abendroth joined FAEP in January 2005 as Director of Communications and Sustainability. He became Executive Director of FAEP in September 2009. Max holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration (Witten/Herdecke University, Germany).[6]

Senior Legal Adviser[edit]

Catherine Starkie, who is a lawyer (she qualified as a solicitor in the UK), joined the FAEP team in Brussels in August 2010 after eight years working for Weber Shandwick, a Brussels-based public affairs consultancy. She has also worked for the European Commission and the College of Europe on internal market issues.

EU Affairs Officer[edit]

Amandine Labé joined FAEP in April 2010 as EU Affairs Officer following a three month internship at FAEP. Amandine holds a French-German double degree in political sciences from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lille (France) and the Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität, Münster (Germany).

Communications Officer[edit]

Caroline Quintero joined FAEP in June 2009, following several months working as an intern at FAEP. Caroline provides advice and support as regards FAEP’s communication activities and is in charge of FAEP events. She studied Communication at HELET, Liege, Belgium.[4]

Relevant EU Policy Initiatives[edit]


Freedom to communicate commercially is a part of freedom of speech. It is often claimed that consumers must be protected through regulation on advertising for food, alcohol, medicines, toys, cars, etc.; bans and restrictions on the advertising of everyday products that every consumer can access freely in the EU will not be accepted by publishers.

Applicable law[edit]

Publishers require legal certainty, as regards defamation and private rights issues, in an age of more cross-border sales and the global nature of the internet. Country of Origin is the only solution.

Freedom of expression[edit]

Freedom of Expression is the basis for Freedom of the Press, and consequently a central pillar of a publisher’s raison d'être. FAEP defends the freedom of expression, thus promoting pluralism and diversity and ensuring that Europe’s periodical press sector remains free.

Intellectual Property[edit]

Publishers encourage adequate protection and reward for those who invest in creativity. Therefore the enforcement of copyright and strong enforcement of anti-piracy laws and introduction of the work for hire principle across the EU is supported by the periodical press.

Information society[edit]

Regulation that promotes the development of the digital economy, and does not thwart innovation, provides the right framework for a prospering publishing sector in the EU. Publishers demand technology neutral and level playing field as regards data use and protection.

VAT (EU VAT)[edit]

Publishers reject the taxation of reading. A literate and informed population is vital to a “knowledge society”. The costs of illiteracy outweighs the revenues raised by taxing reading.

FAEP members[edit]

A full list of FAEP members can be found here. Some of the members are listed below.


Associated members[edit]

Strategic partners[edit]

FAEP's European network[edit]

FAEP's worldwide network[edit]

FAEP publication[edit]

FAEP has published a magazine entitled Empowering Citizens (cover at right). The articles are written by editors across Europe, and provide interesting insights into the role of magazines in society, such as informing and educating citizens on issues of relevance like climate change, health, copyright, advertising, consumer rights,...[9]


In 2008, European Federation of Magazine Publishers won the Eureopean Public Affairs Award.[10]

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