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The European Federation of Taiwanese Associations (EFTA; simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Ōuzhōu Táiwān Xiéhuì Liánhéhuì, short: simplified Chinese: 欧台会; traditional Chinese: 歐台會; pinyin: Ōutáihuì) is a federation, which combines several associations by Taiwanese people in each European country. The object is to promote friendship among those European associations, support mutual corporation and continuing care for Taiwan's development and trends. At the present is 謝偉群 (HSIEH, Wei-qun) director general of EFTA, who lives in Germany.


Annual Meetings[edit]

th Meeting Year Period Place
39 2009 August 21 – August 23 Austria, Vienna – Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide
38 2008 October 3 – October 5 Germany, Offenbach am Main/Frankfurt
37 2007 July 20 – July 22 Italy, Fiuggi – Silva Hotel Splendid
36 2006 July 21 – July 23 Belgium


EFTA publishes statements in irregular intervals about recent issues, which are consulted in political debates. This year on 11 July EFTA released a response to ROC on Taiwan's former president Chen Shuibian illegal imprisonment.[1][2]


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