European Film Academy Lifetime Achievement Award

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The following is a list of the European Film Award winners for Lifetime Achievement:


Year Recipient Work
1988 Sweden Ingmar Bergman Director, screenwriter
Italy Marcello Mastroianni Actor
1989 Italy Federico Fellini Director, screenwriter
1990 Poland Andrzej Wajda Director
1991 Hungary & France Alexandre Trauner Production designer
1992 Austria & United States Billy Wilder Director
1993 Italy Michelangelo Antonioni Director, screenwriter
1994 France Robert Bresson Director
1995 France Marcel Carné Director
1996 England Alec Guinness Actor
1997 France Jeanne Moreau Actor
1999 Italy Ennio Morricone Composer
2000 Republic of Ireland Richard Harris Actor
2001 United Kingdom Monty Python Comedy group
2002 Italy Tonino Guerra Screenwriter, poet
2003 France Claude Chabrol Director
2004 Spain Carlos Saura Director
2005 United Kingdom Sean Connery Actor
2006 Poland & France Roman Polanski Director
2007 France Jean-Luc Godard Director, screenwriter
2008 United Kingdom Judi Dench Actor
2009 United Kingdom Ken Loach Director
2010 Switzerland Bruno Ganz Actor
2011 United Kingdom Stephen Frears Director
2012 Italy Bernardo Bertolucci Director, screenwriter
2013 France Catherine Deneuve Actress[1]
2014 France Agnès Varda Director, screenwriter
2015 United Kingdom Charlotte Rampling[2] Actress


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