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Coach of the Season
Presented byEuropean Union of Sports Press (UEPS)—AIPS Europe[1][2][3]
First awarded1978
Last awarded2016
Last holderItaly Claudio Ranieri (1st award)
RelatedUEFA Men's Coach of the Year Award

European Football Coach of the Season was an annual prize in association football awarded to the best manager of European football club in an autumn-spring season, organized by European Union of Sports Press (fr. Union européenne de la presse sportive (UEPS), also known as AIPS Europe) since the 2006–07 season. The prize was previously awarded by the Association of European Journalists (AEJ, 1977–78 to 1996–97) and UEFA (1997–98 to 2005–06).


Giovanni Trapattoni was the first coach to win the award twice, in 1985 and 1993
Héctor Cuper is the only non-European coach to win the award
Season Coach(es) (Team(s))
by the Association of European Journalists
1977–78 England Bob Paisley (Liverpool)
1978–79 Germany Udo Lattek (Borussia Dortmund)
1979–80 England Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest)
1980–81 England Bobby Robson (Ipswich Town)
1981–82 England Tony Barton (Aston Villa)
1982–83 Austria Ernst Happel (Hamburger SV)
1983–84 England Keith Burkinshaw (Tottenham Hotspur)
1984–85 Italy Giovanni Trapattoni (Juventus)
1985–86 Soviet Union Valeriy Lobanovskyi (Dynamo Kyiv)
1986–87 Portugal Artur Jorge (Porto)
1987–88 Netherlands Aad de Mos (KV Mechelen)
1988–89 Italy Ottavio Bianchi (Napoli)
1989–90 Italy Arrigo Sacchi (Milan)
1990–91 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ljupko Petrović (Red Star Belgrade)
1991–92 Netherlands Johann Cruyff (Barcelona)
1992–93 Italy Giovanni Trapattoni (Juventus)
1993–94 Italy Fabio Capello (Milan)
1994–95 Netherlands Louis van Gaal (Ajax)
1995–96 Italy Marcello Lippi (Juventus)
1996–97 Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld (Borussia Dortmund)
1997–98 Italy Marcello Lippi (Juventus)
1998–99 Scotland Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
1999–00 Argentina Héctor Cuper (Valencia)
2000–01 Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld (Bayern Munich)
2001–02 Spain Vicente del Bosque (Real Madrid)
2002–03 Italy Carlo Ancelotti (Milan)
Portugal José Mourinho (Porto)
2003–04 Portugal José Mourinho (Porto)
Spain Rafael Benítez (Valencia)
2004–05 Spain Rafael Benítez (Liverpool)
Russia Valeri Gazzaev (CSKA Moscow)
2005–06 Netherlands Frank Rijkaard (Barcelona)
Spain Juande Ramos (Sevilla)
by the European Union of Sports Press—AIPS Europe
2006–07 Italy Carlo Ancelotti (Milan)
2007–08 Scotland Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
2008–09 Spain Pep Guardiola (Barcelona)
2009–10 Spain Quique Sánchez Flores (Atlético Madrid)
2010–11 Portugal André Villas-Boas (Porto)
2011–12 Argentina Diego Simeone (Atlético Madrid)
2012–13 Germany Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich)
2013–14 Spain Unai Emery (Sevilla)
2014–15 Spain Luis Enrique (Barcelona)
2015–16 Italy Claudio Ranieri (Leicester City)

Total wins by coaches[edit]

Alex Ferguson won the award in 1999 and 2008.
Name Total wins (season(s)) Team(s) Managed
Italy Giovanni Trapattoni 2 (1984–85, 1992–93) Italy Juventus
Italy Marcello Lippi 2 (1995–96, 1997–98) Italy Juventus
Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld 2 (1996–97, 2000–01) Germany Borussia Dortmund
Germany Bayern Munich
Portugal José Mourinho 2 (2002–03, 2003–04) Portugal Porto
Spain Rafael Benítez 2 (2003–04, 2004–05) Spain Valencia
England Liverpool
Italy Carlo Ancelotti 2 (2002–03, 2006–07) Italy Milan
Scotland Sir Alex Ferguson 2 (1998–99, 2007–08) England Manchester United
England Bob Paisley 1 (1977–78) England Liverpool
Germany Udo Lattek 1 (1978–79) Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach
England Brian Clough 1 (1979–80) England Nottingham Forest
England Bobby Robson 1 (1980–81) England Ipswich Town
England Tony Barton 1 (1981–82) England Aston Villa
Austria Ernst Happel 1 (1982–83) Germany Hamburger SV
England Keith Burkinshaw 1 (1983–84) England Tottenham Hotspur
Ukraine Valeriy Lobanovskyi 1 (1985–86) Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv
Portugal Artur Jorge 1 (1986–87) Portugal Porto
Netherlands Aad de Mos 1 (1987–88) Belgium KV Mechelen
Italy Ottavio Bianchi 1 (1988–89) Italy Napoli
Italy Arrigo Sacchi 1 (1989–90) Italy Milan
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ljupko Petrović 1 (1990–91) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Netherlands Johann Cruyff 1 (1991–92) Netherlands Barcelona
Italy Fabio Capello 1 (1993–94) Italy Milan
Netherlands Louis van Gaal 1 (1994–95) Netherlands Ajax
Argentina Héctor Cuper 1 (1999–00) Spain Valencia
Spain Vicente del Bosque 1 (2001–02) Spain Real Madrid
Russia Valeriy Gazzaev 1 (2004–05) Russia CSKA Moscow
Netherlands Frank Rijkaard 1 (2005–06) Spain Barcelona
Spain Juande Ramos 1 (2006–07) Spain Sevilla
Spain Pep Guardiola 1 (2008–09) Spain Barcelona
Spain Quique Sánchez Flores 1 (2009–10) Spain Atlético Madrid
Portugal André Villas-Boas 1 (2010–11) Portugal Porto
Argentina Diego Simeone 1 (2011–12) Spain Atlético Madrid
Germany Jupp Heynckes 1 (2012–13) Germany Bayern Munich
Spain Unai Emery 1 (2013–14) Spain Sevilla
Spain Luis Enrique 1 (2014–15) Spain Barcelona
Italy Claudio Ranieri 1 (2015–16) England Leicester City

Total wins by country[edit]

Country Coaches Total
 Italy 7 10
 Spain 7 8
 England 5 5
 Netherlands 4 4
 Portugal 3 4
 Germany 3 4
 Argentina 2 2
 Scotland 1 2
 Austria 1 1
 Ukraine 1 1
 Yugoslavia 1 1
 Russia 1 1

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