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The European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) is an interest organisation for people working or studying, or in any other way have an interest in the combination of geography and statistics.


Logo of the European Forum for Geography and Statistics

The European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) consists of a steering committee of national contact points, mainly persons with engagement in national statistical institutes. EFGS organises annual meetings that are open to all members and others by invitation or on request. EFGS attend the annual meetings of GISCO WP in Eurostat.


The general objective for EFGS is to harmonise data, methods and results related to national geostatistics, and to support user communities with relevant and reliable georeferenced information, with emphasis on socio-economic statistics.


Member states of the European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) November 2013

The origin of EFGS is the Nordic Forum for GeoStatistics, having its first meeting in Voss, Norway in 1998. In addition to the Nordic countries, Baltic countries were also invited to the annual meetings. It soon became clear that several other national statistical institutes had interests in geostatistical work, and that there was a need for harmonising statistical products with a geographical reference. The first meeting of EFGS took place in Kongsvinger, Norway, in 2006. The number of national contact persons have after that grown to include more and more countries. The Steering Committee consists of the national contact persons from the national statistical organisations that participate in the ESSnet project GEOSTAT 1A - Representing Census data in a European population grid, mainly funded by Eurostat. Today EFGS has national contact persons from 32 European states and territories, having annual conferences and meetings. European Forum for GeoStatistics activities are mainly concentrated on the development of the best practices in the production of geostatistics in Europe. EFGS aims at being a global forum and umbrella organisation from conference in Brazil in 2015.

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