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The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is a consortium of the hemp-processing industry. It represents the common interest of industrial hemp farmers and producers, both nationally and on a European level. EIHA is the only consortium in the industrial hemp sector. This sector includes, inter alia, the use of hemp fibers, shavings, seeds and cannabinoids. Founded as an association for the European hemp industry, a quarter of the EIHA’s members are based in countries outside of the EU.[1]

Its members come from 31 different countries and comprise players in industrial hemp processing and distribution, the car manufacturing, construction, food and feedstock industries, as well as the pharmaceutical sector. Research institutes and financial investors are also amongst those represented. Organisations, research institutions, companies and individuals in the industrial hemp sector and the other natural fiber sectors are associate members; hemp producers are full members. The EIHA often publishes information about the European natural fiber industry.[2][3] Since 2011 EIHA has been a member of the technical committee "bio-based products" CEN/TC411[4] of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Since 2013 EIHA has been a member of the "Expert Group on Bio-based Products".[5] Since 2013 EIHA has also been a member of the expert committee of the "Bioeconomy Panel" of the European Commission.

In 2014 the International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association, which has been organised annually since 2003, was one of the largest conferences on industrial hemp worldwide, with over 200 attendees from 39 countries.[6] The number of attendees in the past years has increased consistently with the growth of the sector.[7]


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