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The European Latsis Prize is awarded annually by the European Science Foundation for "outstanding and innovative contributions in a selected field of European research". The prize is worth 100,000 Swiss francs and is awarded within a different discipline each year. The prize was inaugurated in 1999 by the Latsis Foundation.

Palkinnon saajat[edit]

Year Awardee Country
1998 Pierre A. Stadelmann[1]   Switzerland
1999 Jürgen Baumert[2]  Germany
2000 Kenneth Holmes[3]  Germany/ United Kingdom
2001 André Berger[4]  Belgium
2002 Annette Karmiloff-Smith  United Kingdom
2003 Colin Renfrew[5]  United Kingdom
2004 Amos Bairoch[6]   Switzerland
2005 Donal Bradley[7]  United Kingdom
2006 Rainer Bauböck[8]  Austria
2007 Willi Kalender  Germany
2008 Simon White[9]  United Kingdom
2009 Uta Frith  United Kingdom/ Germany
Chris Frith[10]
2010 Ilkka Hanski[11]  Finland
2011 James Vaupel  Germany
2012 Uffe Haagerup  Denmark

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