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The European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) was set up in 1990 by organisations in 12 countries to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of stuttering and to bring together, as a top umbrella organisation, the national stuttering self-help organisations of Europe.

ELSA is a trans-national, cross-cultural organisation. It seeks resources only open to multi-national groups, extends the exchange-of-information network, and lobbies for stutterers at a prominent international level.

Its main roles are:

  • to link together and further the co-operation of Europe's national organisations.
  • to provide a forum for exchange of concepts and experiences in stuttering therapy and self-help.
  • to help represent the interests of stutterers to European and international bodies.
  • to put stuttering onto the European agenda to ensure that the needs and challenges faced by people who stutter are considered in a European context.

ELSA's work has been recognised by the International Labour Office in Geneva, the World Health Organisation in Geneva and the United Nations Office in Vienna. ELSA is also a founding member of the European Disability Forum, an umbrella disability organisation based in Brussels.


The current executive board consists of Edwin Farr MBE[1] (Chair),[2] Anita Blom (Vice-Chair) and Richard Bourgondiën (Webmaster).[3]


The Association publishes a newsletter, One Voice,[4] which is published twice a year and is a joint project with the International Stuttering Association.[5]

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)[edit]

Together with the International Fluency Association and the International Stuttering Association,[6] the International Stuttering Association celebrates, every 22 October, International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) which includes an online conference on stuttering[7] and a media campaign.[8]


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