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The European Marian Network connects twenty Catholic Marian sanctuaries in Europe (as many as the number of decades in the Rosary). It was established in 2003, promoted by the Holy See.

Only one sanctuary per country (the best known) was chosen. The sanctuaries, and their devotions, are the following:[1]

The Sanctuary Animators from the members of the Network meet each year to get to know each other better and, above all, to understand better the needs of the millions of pilgrims and visitors who frequent these Sanctuaries. The gathering in 2003 took place in Lourdes, in 2004 it took place in Fátima, in 2005 it took place in Mariapocs, in 2006 in Sanctuary of Our Lady of Knock, in 2007 in Vilnius, in 2008 in Zaragoza and in 2009 in Czestochowa. 2010 took place in Gibraltar, 2011 was in Walsingham, 2012 was in Rome and in 2013, it took place in Mellieħa [1][2]

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