European National Front

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European National Front
PresidentRoberto Fiore
Founded23 October 2004 (2004-10-23)
IdeologyNeo-Fascism Ultranationalism (official)
Third position
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNone
ColoursEmerald, red, black

European National Front was a coordinating structure of European ultranationalist parties. There had been one elected MEP from ENF in the past. He was the leader of the Italian New Force, Roberto Fiore. Three parties of the European National Front are today included at the Alliance for Peace and Freedom.


The European National Front is headed by General Secretary, elected by ENF Assembly. The current General Secretary is Roberto Fiore. The Political Council is the founder's staff of the ENF. It safeguards the idea and principles of ENF. The Council can be increased by unanimous will of cooptation. It represents the Front outside, and confirms applications for ENF membership. The Members of the Council belong to ENF Assembly. The ENF Assembly defines the tactics and strategy of ENF. The Assembly consists of representatives of the movements belonging to ENF and members of Political Council. The Co-ordination Centre executes the current tasks of ENF. It gathers information and propaganda, and co-ordinates ENF activities.

Legal registered political parties/movements that accept the principles, aims and structure of ENF can apply for membership. The accession to ENF must be submitted by authorized representative of the applicant and then confirmed by Political Council. The representative of the Affiliated Group sits on the Assembly with advisory vote. The status of the Affiliated Group can be granted by Political Council.

Member parties[edit]

Country Party Abbr.
 France French Renewal RF
 Germany National Democratic Party of Germany NPD
 Greece Golden Dawn XA
 Italy New Force FN
 Poland National Revival of Poland NOP
 Romania New Right ND
 Spain FE/La Falange FE

Affiliated groups[edit]

Country Party
 Bulgaria Bulgarian National Alliance
 Portugal National Renovator Party

Former affiliates[edit]

Country Party
 Greece Patriotic Alliance (party disbanded)
 Netherlands National Alliance (party disbanded)
 Ukraine All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" (party joined Alliance of European National Movements as observer)

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