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European Nuclear Education Network Association
Reseau Europeen Pour L’Enseignement Des Sciences Nucleaires
Logo of the ENEN Association.jpg
Abbreviation ENEN Association
Established 22 September 2003
Type Not-for-profit Association
Headquarters Saclay Nuclear Research Centre, France
Prof. Leon Cizelj
Prof. Filip Tuomisto
Secretary General
Mr. Pedro Diéguez Porras

ENEN, the European Nuclear Education Network, is a nonprofit European association created on 22 September 2003 under the endorsement of EURATOM. The main objective of the network is to foster higher education and training on this topic in academia and the nuclear industry.[1]

ENEN, the European Nuclear Education Network Association[edit]

Starting from a seed group of European Universities, the association has evolved to include also industry and research organizations. Activities in nuclear science and ionising radiation have been developed mainly within the European Union borders, however some educational institutions from Japan, Russian Federation and Ukraine became members of the network. ENEN concluded several Memorandum of Understanding with international institutions in the Nuclear fields, like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)[2] and the European Nuclear Society.[3]

Academic contribution to society[edit]

ENEN pays its service to the society by:

  • Promoting and fostering the collaboration in Education and Training of member's students, researchers and professionals,
  • Ensuring the level of nuclear Education and Training
  • Harmonising the European academic curricula in nuclear fission.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning and career development in the professional and scientific worforce[4]

EURATOM Research, Education and Training programmes[edit]

Since 2003, ENEN has implemented several EURATOM Research, Education and Training programmes. Being the FP5 European Nuclear Engineering Network project the first one of them, from January 2002 to December 2003. The "European Nuclear Higher Education Area" of the project was formalised by creating "the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) Association" under the French law of 1901 on 22 September 2003.

The NEPTUNO project established and implemented the European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (EMSNE) with the participation and work of 35 European institutions from January 2004 to December 2005

EMSNE, European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering[edit]

Established in 2005, ENEN created the certification "European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering", a.k.a. which is a recognized quality label for the Nuclear Engineering studies with a European extent. EMSNE students conduct their studies in European universities and research institutes with the highest level quality and recognition where their studies have been validated as eligible for the EMSNE requirements.[5]

The EMSNE certification includes the teaching resources and nuclear facilities available in Europe, and allows for the accessibility of students and researchers to the next generation of European nuclear scientists and engineers. According to the European needs, cross border mobility is a key aspect of the challenges of accreditation programmes therefore the EMSNE students need to complete part of their studies in two European institutions. The network facilitates the exchange of nuclear scientists and professionals between European and international institutions.[6]

The laureates receive their certificates in an brief science-related event hosted by and international institution.[7]

ENEN PhD Prize[edit]

ENEN awards on a yearly basis a PhD Prize to support the research in the different Nuclear fields.The ENEN PhD Event is held in a friendly but competitive spirit establishing a bridge between PhD students and professionals.

The different events have been celebrated hosted in the frame of a relevant conference, such IYNC, IYCE, ICAPP and ICENES.

  • 1st ENEN PhD Event - "European PhD Symposium" - International Youth Conference on Energetics (IYCE) in Budapest, Hungary, 1 June 2007.
  • 2nd ENEN PhD Event - International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) in Interlaken, Switzerland, 23 September 2008.
  • 3rd ENEN PhD Event - International Youth Conference on Energetics (IYCE) in Budapest, Hungary, 5 June 2009.
  • 4th ENEN PhD Event - European Nuclear Conference 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, 2 June 2010.
  • 5th ENEN PhD Event - the International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP) 2011 in Nice, France, 4 May 2011.
  • 6th ENEN PhD Event - 21st International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 6 September 2012.
  • 7th ENEN PhD Event - 16th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES) in Madrid, 28–29 May 2013.
  • 8th ENEN PhD Event - International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) in Burgos, Spain, 6–12 July 2014.[8]
  • 9th ENEN PhD Event - International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP) 2015 in Nice, France, 5–6 May 2015.
  • 10th ENEN PhD Event - European Nuclear Conference 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, 9-13 October 2016.
  • 11th ENEN PhD Event - ANNETTE-PETRUS Conference in 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, 29-30 June 2017.

Presidents of the ENEN Association[edit]

President Institution Period Country
Prof. Dominique Gentile INSTN France 2003 - 2006
Prof. Joseph Safieh INSTN France 2006 - 2013
Prof. Walter Ambrosini CIRTEN Italy 2013 - 2016
Prof. Leon Cizelj JSI Slovenia 2016 - act.


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