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EUROCAE, the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (French: Organisation Européenne pour l’Equipement de l’Aviation Civile) was formed in Lucerne on 24 April 1963. EUROCAE has now been operating for more than 40 years as a non-profit organisation whose membership exclusively comprises aviation stakeholders made up of Manufacturers (aircraft, airborne equipment, ATM systems and ground equipment), Services Providers, National and International Aviation Authorities and Users (Airlines, Airports, operators) from Europe and elsewhere. From the outset, EUROCAE has developed performance specifications and other documents exclusively dedicated to the Aviation community. EUROCAE documents are widely referenced as a means of compliance to European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs) and other regulatory documents.

As well as detailed test specifications EUROCAE also produces system performance (Minimum Operational Performance Standards) and guidance documents together with RTCA, Inc. EUROCAE also works with SAE in the United States. The joint effort allows for a single definition of a given technology in areas where there is little choice to another approach, for example in aerospace. This includes aircraft but also includes satellites, the NASA space shuttle and technical concerns common to all of them. EUROCAE documents are also produced in the context of the applicable ICAO standards and are coherent with existing ARINC specifications to ensure global interoperability.

EUROCAE documents are developed by Working Groups (WG) composed of specialist scientists and engineers representing member organisations of EUROCAE and RTCA.

EUROCAE is under the authority of an elected council made up of senior staff from full member companies of the association. The day-to-day work of the organisation is carried out by the EUROCAE Secretariat, a collective term that refers to a Secretary General, Technical Secretary and other administrative staff. The EUROCAE offices are based in Malakoff, France.

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