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The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET, after the French name "Affaires étrangères"), previously called Political Affairs, is a committee of the European Parliament. Composed of 75 members and 74 substitutes, it has two subcommittees: the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE).

Foreign affairs is not an area that Parliament has much power over, yet attracts a high proportion of the more well-known and influential MEPs given the prestige of the area[citation needed].


For an up-to-date list of members, see: the European Parliament website: AFET members


Term Chairperson Group State
July 1979 – April 1980 Emilio Colombo EPP Italy
April 1980 – July 1984 Mariano Rumor EPP Italy
July 1984 – January 1987 Roberto Formigoni EPP Italy
January 1987 – July 1989 Sergio Ercini EPP Italy
July 1989 – February 1991 Giovanni Goria EPP Italy
February 1991 – January 1992 Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago EPP Italy
January 1992 – July 1994 Enrique Baron Crespo SOC Spain
July 1994 – January 1997 Abel Matutes EPP Spain
January 1997 – July 1999 Tom Spencer EPP UK
July 1999 – February 2007 Elmar Brok EPP Germany
February 2007 – July 2009 Jacek Saryusz-Wolski EPP Poland
July 2009 – December 2012 Gabriele Albertini EPP Italy
December 2012 – 18 January 2017 Elmar Brok EPP Germany
24 January 2017 – David McAllister EPP Germany
Source (1979–2007): Corbett, Richard; Jacobs, Francis; Shackleton, Michael (2007), The European Parliament (7th ed.), London: John Harper, p. 151, ISBN 978-0-9551144-7-2 

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