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Not to be confused with the European Union Prize for Literature

European Prize for Literature (Prix Européen de Littérature) is a European-wide literary award sponsored by the city of Strasbourg with support from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (France).[1] The prize is award by the Jurys des Grands Prix Littéraires, in Strasbourg, at the same time as the Prix de Littérature Francophone Jean Arp and the Prix du Patrimoine Nathan Katz.[1]

The award is presented to an author for their entire body of work, which best represents the cultural dimensions of Europe.[1]


Year Author Nationality Ref
2006 Gamoneda, AntonioAntonio Gamoneda  Spain
2006 Carpelan, BoBo Carpelan  Finland [2][3]
2007 Różewicz, TadeuszTadeusz Różewicz  Poland [4]
2008 Dorst, TankredTankred Dorst  Germany
2009 Dimoula, KikiKiki Dimoula  Greece [5]
2010 Harrison, TonyTony Harrison  United Kingdom [6]
2011 Jančar, DragoDrago Jančar  Slovenia [7]
2012 Makanin, VladimirVladimir Makanin  Russia [8]
2013 De Luca, ErriErri De Luca  Italy
2014 Fosse, JonJon Fosse  Norway [9]
2016 Kaplinski, JaanJaan Kaplinski  Estonia [10]


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