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The European Publishers Award for Photography was run for 22 years by a number of European publishers, who simultaneously published a photobook of each year's winning portfolio in their own languages.

The award was for work on a particular subject that had not previously been published as a book. In its later years it was open to photographers anywhere: European nationality or residence was not required.[1]

The award began in 1994 with six publishers. At the time of its apparent end in 2015, two publishers, Dewi Lewis (Britain) and Peliti Associati (Italy) had participated every year since the start. In Germany, Edition Braus published the award-winner from 1994 until 2010 (in 1998 and 1999, as Umschau Braus); Kehrer Verlag took over in 2011. In France, Marval published the winner from 1994 to 1996, Fernand Hazan (fr) in 1997 and 1998, and Actes Sud thereafter. In Spain, Lunwerg Editores published the winner from 1994 to 2010; and, after a break of one year, Editorial Blume resumed in 2012. Five publishers, in five nations, were involved in 2015.

There had also been participation from Dutch and Greek publishers. In the Netherlands, Stichting Fragment Foto published the first two winners, and Focus Publishing (Uitgeverij Focus) the third; Mets & Schilt published the winner from 2006 to 2008. In Greece, Apeiron Photos published the winner from 2003 to 2010.

The award was for some years associated with Leica: the published winner from both 1996 and 1999 acknowledge the support of Leica;[n 1] and in 2006, the award was renamed the Leica European Publishers Award for Photography.[2] This lasted until 2008;[3] "Leica" was dropped from the name for 2009.[4]

The award also had support from other corporations.[n 2]

As 2016 ended, no award for the year had been announced and Kehrer was describing the annual award in the past tense but allowing for the possibility of a resumption: "The Award is currently under review. / A further announcement will be made in Fall 2016."[5]

Award winners[edit]

year winner subject/theme Germany (German) Britain (English) Spain (Spanish/ Catalan[n 3]) France (French) Italy (Italian) Netherlands (Dutch) Greece (Greek) also shortlisted
1994 Dario Mitidieri[n 4] the street children of Bombay[6] Kinder von Bombay ISBN 3-89466-104-6 Children of Bombay ISBN 1-899235-00-0 Los niños de Bombay ISBN 84-7782-305-7 Enfants de Bombay ISBN 2-86234-160-6 I bambini di Bombay ISBN 88-85121-21-7 De kinderen van Bombay ISBN 90-75244-01-0, ISBN 90-75244-03-7
1995 Shanta Rao[7][8] women in Ethiopia and Mauritius[7] Queens of Saba ISBN 3-89466-141-0 Stories of women ISBN 1-899235-30-2 Reina de África ISBN 84-7782-362-6 Alemshaye et autres histoires de femmes ISBN 2-86234-184-3 Donne d'Africa ISBN 88-85121-28-4 Vrouwenverhalen ISBN 90-75244-05-3
1996 Bruce Gilden[9][10] violence and voodoo[n 5] in Haiti[10] Haiti ISBN 3-89466-167-4 Haiti ISBN 1-899235-55-8 Haiti ISBN 84-7782-398-7 Haïti ISBN 2-86234-221-1 Haiti ISBN 88-85121-35-7 Haïti ISBN 90-72216-81-4
1997 Toni Catany (Wikidata)[11] "portraits, nudes and still lives", using a process based on Calotype[12] Photographs ISBN 3-89466-204-2 Life and still life ISBN 1-899235-41-8 Fotografies[n 6] ISBN 84-7782-472-X Photographies ISBN 2-85025-580-7 Nature in posa ISBN 88-85121-40-3
1998 Dean Chapman[13] the Karen people and their struggle against the Burmese state[13][14] Karenni: Guerilla in Burma ISBN 3-8295-6802-9 Karenni ISBN 1-899235-96-5 Karenni ISBN 84-7782-519-X Karenni ISBN 2-85025-599-8 Karenni ISBN 88-85121-47-0
1999 Jeff Mermelstein[15] New York City street photographs[15][16] Sidewalk ISBN 3-8295-6823-1 Sidewalk ISBN 1-899235-62-0 Sidewalk: Pateando Nueva York ISBN 84-7782-630-7 Sidewalk ISBN 2-7427-2581-4 Sidewalk: Per le strade di New York ISBN 88-85121-54-3
2000 Alfons Alt[17] portraits of individual animals[18] Bestiarium ISBN 3-926318-63-5 The nature of the beast ISBN 1-899235-43-4 Bestias ISBN 84-7782-707-9 Bestiae ISBN 2-7427-2840-6 Bestiae ISBN 88-85121-64-0
2001 David Farrell[19] sites of violence and tragedy during the "troubles" in northern Ireland[19] Innocent landscapes = Unschuldige Landschaften ISBN 3-926318-54-6 Innocent landscapes ISBN 1-899235-88-4 Paisajes inocentes ISBN 84-7782-797-4 Innocents paysages ISBN 2-7427-3487-2 Paesaggi innocenti ISBN 88-85121-71-3
2002 Simon Norfolk[20] the old and new ruins of Afghanistan[21] Afghanistan zero ISBN 3-89904-025-2 Afghanistan chronotopia ISBN 1-899235-54-X Afganistán chronotopia ISBN 84-7782-550-5 Afghanistan chronotopia ISBN 2-7427-4051-1 Afghanistan zero ISBN 88-85121-79-9
2003 Haris Kakarouhas[22] portraits and still lifes showing the timelessness of Cuba[22] Buena Vista Cuba ISBN 3-89904-078-3 Suspended time: A Cuban portrait ISBN 1-904587-05-4 Tiempo en suspenso: Un retrato de Cuba ISBN 84-9785-016-5 Le temps suspendu: Un portrait de Cuba ISBN 2-7427-4671-4 Il tempo sospeso. Un ritratto di Cuba ISBN 88-85121-89-6 Μετέωρος χρόνος. Κούβα ISBN 960-87442-5-3
2004 Harri Kallio[23][24] reconstructed views of the dodo in Mauritius[23][24] Der Dodo auf Mauritius. Die Wiedergeburt eines ausgestorbenen Vogels ISBN 3-89904-118-6 The dodo and Mauritius island: Imaginary encounters ISBN 1-904587-13-5 El pájaro dodo y la Isla Mauricio: Encuentros imaginarios ISBN 84-9785-110-2 À la recherche du dodo: enquête, récit, photographies ISBN 2-7427-5222-6 Il dodo e l'isola di Mauritius: Incontri immaginari ISBN 88-85121-96-9 Το Ντόντο και το νησί Μαυρίκιος ISBN 960-87442-6-1
2005 Lorenzo Castore[25] Havana and elsewhere in Cuba[26] Paradiso ISBN 3-89904-183-6 Paradiso ISBN 1-904587-26-7 Paradiso ISBN 84-9785-196-X Paradiso ISBN 2-7427-5729-5 Paradiso ISBN 88-89412-07-0 Paradiso ISBN 960-87442-7-X
2006 Ambroise Tézenas[27][28] night views of Beijing[28] Peking. Théâtre du peuple ISBN 3-89904-228-X Beijing: Theatre of the people ISBN 1-904587-36-4 Pekín, teatro del pueblo ISBN 84-9785-330-X Pékin, théâtre du peuple ISBN 2-7427-6385-6 Pechino, teatro del popolo ISBN 88-89412-23-2 De hutongs van Peking ISBN 9053305270 Πεκίνο, σκηνικά μιας μετάβασης ISBN 960-87442-9-6
2007 Paolo Pellegrin[29] "In Cambodia, Uganda, Kosovo and a host of other countries racked by wars and epidemics, Paolo Pellegrin is out to cover . . . the specificities and singularities of events, situations and faces . . ."[29] As I was dying ISBN 3-89904-284-0 As I was dying ISBN 1-904587-55-0 As I was dying ISBN 84-9785-418-7 Alors que je mourais ISBN 2-7427-7013-5 As I was dying ISBN 88-89412-12-7 As I was dying ISBN 9053305807 As I was dying ISBN 960-89773-1-2
2008 Jacob Aue Sobol[3][30] encounters in Tokyo[31] I, Tokyo ISBN 3-89904-340-5 I, Tokyo ISBN 1-904587-68-2 Tokio ISBN 84-9785-533-7 Tokyo ISBN 2-7427-7840-3 Io, Tokyo ISBN 88-89412-30-5 Ik, Tokyo ISBN 9053306552 Εγώ, Τόκυο ISBN 960-89773-6-3 Gautier Deblonde, Balazs Gardi, Maya Goded, Zed Nelson, Mark Power, Rafael Trobat[3][30]
2009 Klavdij Sluban (Wikidata)[4] journeys along the rail routes from east Europe to east Asia[4] Go east ISBN 3-89466-306-5 East to east ISBN 1-904587-84-4 Al este del este ISBN 84-9785-543-4 Transsibériades ISBN 2-7427-8664-3 All'est dell'est ISBN 88-89412-38-0 Πέραν της ανατολής ISBN 960-89773-7-1 Paula Bronstein, Luca Campigotto, Olivier Culmann, Olivier Pin-Fat, Fabio Ponzio, Carlos Spottorno[4]
2010 Christophe Agou[32][33] life in the Forez hills (Wikidata) (massif central, central France)[34] Gesichter der Stille ISBN 3862280039 In the face of silence ISBN 1-907893-04-0 Ante el silencio ISBN 84-9785-718-6 Face au silence ISBN 2-7427-9542-1 Di fronte al silenzio ISBN 88-89412-47-X Aπέναντι Στη Σιωπή ISBN 960-94490-2-6 Claudio Rasano, Nikos Markou, Davide Monteleone, Stanley Greene, Serguei Bykov, Martin Weber (withdrew)[35]
2011 Davide Monteleone[36][37] Chechnya and the north Caucasus[36][37][38] Rote Distel ISBN 3868282947 Red thistle ISBN 1-907893-16-4 Chardon rouge ISBN 2-330-00210-6 Cardo rosso ISBN 88-89412-53-4 Stephen Dupont, Celine Marchbank, Michael Martin, Rania Matar, Paolo Ventura, Riccardo Venturi[37]
2012 Alessandro Imbriaco[39][40] "a small swamp under a flyover on the ring road circling the eastern outskirts of Rome – a failed nature reserve that ended up protecting [a family]"[39] Der Garten ISBN 386828348X The garden ISBN 1-907893-27-X El jardín ISBN 8498016703 Le jardin ISBN 2-330-01230-6 Il giardino ISBN 88-89412-21-6 Luca Desienna, Zoltán Jókay, Fernando Moleres, Kosuke Okahara, Guillaume Simoneau, Kurt Tong[41]
2013 Alisa Resnik[42] St Petersburg and Berlin at night[42] One another ISBN 3868284281 One another ISBN 1-907893-44-X El uno el otro ISBN 84-9801-739-4 L'un l'autre ISBN 2-330-02415-0 L'un l'altro ISBN 88-89412-54-2 Andrea Ferrari, Paul Gaffney, Carlos Spottorno, Ambroise Tézenas, Paolo Verzone, Fabian Weiss[43]
2014 Kirill Golovchenko[44] "the lives of those who run roadside stalls in Ukraine – 'tochka', where they sell fruit according to the season and often far more"[45] Bitter Honeydew ISBN 978-3-86828-525-3 Bitter honeydew ISBN 978-1-907893-68-1 Melones de hiel ISBN 978-84-9801-833-2 Melons amers ISBN 978-2-330-03698-0 Il gusto amaro del melone ISBN 978-88-89412-64-0 Martin Bogren, Harry Borden, Stephen Dupont, Adam Ferguson, Jörg Klaus, Mafalda Rakos + Ivna Vieira[46]
2015 Danila Tkachenko[47] "project Restricted Areas" Restricted Areas ISBN 978-3-86828-653-3 Restricted areas ISBN 978-1-907893-82-7 Zona restringida ISBN 978-84-9801-908-7 Restricted areas ISBN 978-2-330-05698-8 Restricted areas ISBN 978-88-89412-70-1 Jon Lowenstein, Carl Bigmore, Dougie Wallace, Javier Argennilace, Guilame Bression and Carlos Ayesta, Simone Ghizzone[47]


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