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European Quidditch Cup
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Tournament information
Month playedMarch/April
Administrator(s)Quidditch Europe

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WebsiteOfficial EQC website
Current champion
Paris Titans

The European Quidditch Cup, also known as EQC and formerly as the European Quidditch Championship,[1] is the culminating championship tournament for the sport of quidditch in Europe. It began to be legitimised in 2014 when the International Quidditch Association became an international federation for quidditch. The first tournament took place in 2012 in France as quidditch began to develop across Europe. Today, the tournament is the highest level of championship in Europe besides the European Games with league-level tournaments being the qualifying competitions. In 2019, Division 1 of EQC was held in Harelbeke, Belgium, where the Paris Titans won the championship for the fourth time in their history.[2][3]


Originally held in Lesparre-Médoc, France, EQC has since grown into the largest quidditch tournament in Europe. EQC 2014 saw teams from almost more countries than the 2014 Global Games, and EQC 2015 is expecting to receive teams from at least twelve different quidditch-playing nations.[4]


EQC 2015 saw a different form of qualification than its predecessors that introduced a team limit to the tournament as well as qualification guidelines. The Quidditch Europe committee has planned to change the qualification format for EQC 2016 and onward. Currently, the committee for EQC is distributing bids to individual nations based on discussions with NGBs' representatives and team pre-registration. It is for each national governing body of quidditch to determine how individual bids will be partitioned to teams under their jurisdiction.

Going forward starting with the 2018/19 season, the European Quidditch Cup will be held in two divisions, Division 1 and Division 2, in order to facilitate both highly competitive gameplay at the top end and the ever-growing player base in Europe overall.[5]


EQC 2018 was held in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany.

2017's edition of the tournament was held in the Belgian city of Mechelen after Gallipoli 2016.

EQC 2015 was being hosted by Oxford University's quidditch club and QuidditchUK.[6] EQC 2014 was hosted by the then-Belgium Muggle Quidditch (current: Belgian Quidditch Federation) and the Brussels Qwaffles. The first EQC was hosted by the then-French Quidditch Association (current: Fédération du quidditch français).[7]

Selection procedures[edit]

Interested teams or NGBs submit a bid proposal outlining their location, the cost and the benefits attached to their bid to a sub-committee composed of Quidditch Europe members. The sub-committee then chooses the bid and selects from an applicant pool the tournament director.

Past champions of Division 1[edit]

Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
2012[8] France Lesparre-Médoc France
Paris Phénix
50*–20 France
Paris Frog
Milano Meneghins
120*–70 France
Anthéna Lesparre
2014[9] Belgium Brussels United Kingdom
Radcliffe Chimeras
100*–30 France
Paris Phénix
Brussels Qwaffles
50*–20 Italy
Lunatica QC
2015 United Kingdom Oxford France
Paris Titans
150*–80 United Kingdom
Radcliffe Chimeras
Not played
Southampton QC1 United Kingdom vs. United Kingdom Nottingham Nightmares
2016 Italy Gallipoli France
Paris Titans
120*–60 Belgium
Deurne Dodo A
(Antwerp QC)
Not played
METU Unicorns Turkey vs. United Kingdom Nottingham Nightmares
2017 Belgium Mechelen Belgium
Antwerp QC
120*–110 Turkey
METU Unicorns
United Kingdom
Werewolves of London
80*–60 Norway
NTNUI Rumpeldunk
2018 Germany Pfaffenhofen
an der Ilm
Paris Titans
130*–70 Belgium
Antwerp QC
METU Unicorns
160°*–140*° United Kingdom
Velociraptors QC
2019 Belgium Harelbeke France
Paris Titans
170*–90 Turkey
METU Unicorns
United Kingdom
Werewolves of London
170*–80 Turkey
ODTU Hippogriffs
Rank Team Champion Runner-up Third place Total
1 France Paris Titans 4 0 0 4
2 Belgium Antwerp QC 1 2 0 3
3 France Paris Phénix 1 1 0 2
United Kingdom Radcliffe Chimeras 1 1 0 2
5 Turkey METU Unicorns 0 2 2 4
6 France Paris Frog 0 1 0 1
7 United Kingdom Nottingham Nightmares 0 0 2 2
United Kingdom Werewolves of London 0 0 2 2
9 Italy Milano Meneghins 0 0 1 1
Belgium Brussels Qwaffles 0 0 1 1
United Kingdom Southampton QC1 0 0 1 1

Past champions of Division 2[edit]

Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
2019 Poland Warsaw
SCC Berlin Bluecaps
120*–50 Germany
LSV Looping Lux Leipzig
Vienna Vanguards
190°°°–180*°° Germany
Augsburg Owls
2020 Italy Brescia
Rank Team Champion Runner-up Third place Total
1 Germany SCC Berlin Bluecaps 1 0 0 1
2 Germany LSV Looping Lux Leipzig 0 1 0 1
3 Austria Vienna Vanguards 0 0 1 1

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