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European School Munich
Established 1977
Type International
Headmaster Drs. Rudolph Ensing
Location Elise-Aulinger-Straße 21
Students Over 2250
Gender Coeducational (boys and girls)
Ages 6-7 Years (1st Year Primary School(P1))–Unspecified (Only 3 Failed years, Max)

The European School of Munich (ESM) is one of 14 European Schools and was established in 1977. There are currently more than 2250 students. The ESM follows the curriculum of all European Schools, which leads to the European Baccalaureate, a graduation diploma that qualifies university studies in any country of the European Union. The ESM was principally established to serve the schooling needs of children whose parents work at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich. However it is also possible for other children to attend the ESM. The current headmaster is Drs. Rudolph Ensing. The current vice-headmistress of the Primary School is Dana Pavlicíková, and the current vice-headmaster of the Secondary School is Anton Hrovath.

The school moved to its current site in Neuperlach, a district in the south-east of Munich, in 1981. In recent years, because of the popularity of the school it was necessary to construct new buildings so as to cater for the needs of an ever growing student population. The address of the school is at Elise-Aulinger-Straße 21, 81793 München and can be reached via the U-Bahn line U5 at the station Therese-Giehse-Allee, or the Bus line 55 at the stop of Neuperlach, Friedhof.

The school is split into one main building, one kindergarten, and one separate building. At each end of the main building are the primary school and the secondary school. Each of these is split into three "Stars". They are called stars because they are in the shape of stars when seen from above. In the primary school there are the blue, orange stars and the more modern silver star. In the secondary school there are the green, red, and yellow stars, as well as the science Building and the "Grüner Container". In both the primary and secondary school the stars are built triangularly around an "aula". These aulas are where the secondary pupils may spend their free time, and where the primary school students put on plays.

The old kindergarten was demolished in 2006, and a new building has been built on this site which houses the new canteen and cafeteria on the ground floor and on the upper floors has specially utilized science labs. There is a bridge from the secondary school building to this new building which is heated and has large glass windows, like in airports. A new kindergarten now exists facing onto the Putzbrunner Straße away from the school.

A tunnel leads from the main building to three large sports halls, and one smaller hall called the "Europahalle". Above these sports halls are three large rooms called Erasmus, Schumann, and Monnet. In these rooms meetings and examinations are held.

The growth of the scool means that a further Lila container will be built which should be ready by autumn 2014. This only an intermediary measure since a further school building has been planned, at another site, which is planned to be finished by 2017.

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