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European School of Varese
Schola Europaea
Italy Italy
Type International
Established 1960
Founder European Coal and Steel Community
Sister school All the European Schools are considered sisters schools
Principal Pála Károly (Hungary)
Enrolment 1300
Student Union/Association The Pupils' Committee of Varese
Slogan "United in diversity"
Nickname ESV, Euroschool, Varese

The European School of Varese (Commonly known as ESV; Italian: Scuola Europea di Varese), in Varese, Italy, is a European School, one of a small number of schools founded by the European Union (EU) for the benefit of its staff in member states. The presence of the school in Varese is mainly because nearby Ispra hosts three institutes of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

The school was founded in 1960. The school has three sections: a two-year nursery school, a 5-year primary school, and a 7-year secondary school.[1] Students prepare for the European Baccalaureate. The European School of Varese is an institution of the European Union. Study at this institution brings a graduation diploma that qualifies for university study in all the countries of the EU.

It was previously recognized as a German school by the West German government, as the Europäische Schule.[2]

The Pupil's Committee (PC)[edit]

The Pupils’ Committee of the European School of Varese (ESV PC), better known as the Comitato Studentesco (C.S.), is the only official student organisation within the European School of Varese. All members are elected by the students (President, Vice President and Treasurer by all students, the other members by the Capiclasse Assembly) at the beginning of each school year.

The C.S. represents the students; top members of the C.S. represent the student body in the School Assemblies (C.d.E. and C.d.A.) and in the CoSup meetings.

The aim of the C.S. is to provide services for all secondary school students. These services are not defined and can vary, from organising events to helping students with issues brought by them to C.S. members. The nature of these issues is not specified and can be personal too; if a student wishes to find support in the C.S., he has the right to do so.

It is expected from the C.S. that it constantly provides students with what is asked of it from the students; the C.S. agenda has to be addressing the wishes of the students. Therefore, contact between the C.S. and the students it represents is of primary importance.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable teachers[edit]

  • Paolo Pagliaga, previous Economics teacher and member of Alboran Trio.


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