European School of Brussels I

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European School Brussels I
Schola Europaea
Avenue du Vert Chasseur 46


Coordinates50°47′59″N 4°22′16″E / 50.7998°N 4.3710°E / 50.7998; 4.3710Coordinates: 50°47′59″N 4°22′16″E / 50.7998°N 4.3710°E / 50.7998; 4.3710
FounderEuropean Coal and Steel Community
Sister schoolESB2, ESB3, ESB4 All the European Schools are also considered sisters schools
AuthorityEuropean Schools
Age range4-18
Enrollment3,723[1] (2017-2018)
 • Uccle3,423
 • Berkendael320
Student Union/AssociationThe Pupils' Committee of ESB1 (PC) // Comité des éleves de EEB1 (CdE)
Slogan"United in diversity"
NicknameESB1, EEB1, B1, Uccle, Euroschool

The European School of Brussels I is located in Uccle, Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1958, it was the second European School in Europe. (The first one had been founded in Luxembourg.)

Notable alumni[edit]


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