European Science Fiction Society

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European Science Fiction Society
David Lally.jpg
Dave Lally, (former) chairman of the European Science Fiction Society, during the general meeting at Eurocon in Stockholm, Sweden, 2011.
Abbreviation ESFS
Formation 1972 (45 years ago) (1972)
Founded at Trieste, Italy
Type Science fiction organisation
Purpose Promote science fiction
Affiliations Eurocon

Usage The European Science Fiction Society is an international organisation of professionals and fans who are committed to promoting science fiction in Europe and European science fiction worldwide.

The organisation was founded at the first Eurocon (European Science Fiction Convention), which was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy. Since that time, the organisation has organized Eurocons at least every two years. The organisation also administrates the European SF Awards.

The society's officers (as re-elected in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine) are:[1]

  • Chairman: Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, (Sweden)
  • Secretary: Gareth Kavanagh (Ireland)
  • Treasurer: Vanja Kranjcevic (Croatia)
  • Vice Chairman: Saija Kyllönen (Finland)
  • Award Administrator: Bridget Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Bridget Wilkinson served as a society officer for 25 years before standing down at the 2016 Eurocon, held in Barcelona, Spain. Before that, she ran Fans Across The World co-ordinating science fiction fans from the former Eastern Europe with their counterparts in the West.


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