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The European Senior Chess Championship is a chess tournament for senior chess players organised by the European Chess Union (ECU). Beginning in 2001, entry was open to men aged sixty or over (60+) by January 1 of the year the tournament starts. The corresponding, women's category had an age restriction of fifty years or over (50+).

In 2014 the competition was split into separate tournaments for the age categories of 65+ and 50+ and these age restrictions were unified across both genders. The format of each tournament is a 9-round Swiss, the overall winners being awarded the respective titles of "European Senior Chess Champion" and "European Senior Women's Chess Champion" in each age category. Similar titles are awarded for rapidplay and blitz, but these are not shown below.

List of winners[edit]

# Year Location Overall winner Women champion
1 2001 Flag of Italy.svg St. Vincent  Jacob Murey (Israel)
2 2002 Flag of Italy.svg St. Vincent  Vladimir Bukal (Croatia)
3 2003 Flag of Italy.svg St. Vincent  Sinisa Joksic (Serbia)  Vlasta Macek (Croatia)
4 2004 Flag of Italy.svg Arvier  Mark Tseitlin (Israel)  Radmila Popivoda (Israel)
5 2005 Flag of Germany.svg Bad Homburg  Mark Tseitlin (Israel)  Hanna Ereńska-Barlo (Poland)
6 2006 Flag of Switzerland.svg Davos  Borislav Ivkov (Serbia)  Valeria Dotan (Israel)
7 2007 Flag of Germany.svg Hockenheim  Nukhim Rashkovsky (Russia)  Elena Fatalibekova (Russia)
8 2008 Flag of Switzerland.svg Davos  Mark Tseitlin (Israel)  Elena Fatalibekova (Russia)
9 2009 Flag of Slovenia.svg Rogaska Slatina  Vitaly Tseshkovsky (Russia)  Ludmila Saunina (Russia)
10 2010 Flag of Greece.svg Thessaloniki  Vitaly Tseshkovsky (Russia)  Tamar Khmiadashvili (Georgia)
11 2011 Flag of Italy.svg Courmayeur  Mihai Suba (Romania)  Nona Gaprindashvili (Georgia)
12 2012 Flag of Lithuania.svg Kaunas  Nikolai Pushkov (Russia)  Tatyana Fomina (Estonia)
13 2013 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Plovdiv  Mark Tseitlin (Israel)  Margarita Voiska (Bulgaria)
14 2014 Flag of Portugal.svg Porto  Nico Schouten (NED) (65+)
 Keith Arkell (ENG) (50+)
 Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) (65+)
 Tatyana Fomina (EST) (50+)
15 2015 Flag of Greece.svg Eretria  Jan Rooze (BEL) (65+)
 Zurab Sturua (GEO) (50+)
 Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) (65+)
 Svetlana Mednikova (RUS) (50+)
16 2016 Flag of Armenia.svg Yerevan  Valentin Bogdanov (UKR) (65+)
 Zurab Sturua (GEO) (50+)
 Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) (65+)
 Galina Strutinskaia (RUS) (50+)
17 2017 Flag of Spain.svg Barcelona

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