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The European Society for Biomaterials is a non-profit organisation that encourages research and spread of information regarding research and uses of biomaterials. Founded in 1976, it has approximately 600 members in 27 countries. It organises an annual meeting where recent developments mainly within academic research of biomaterials are presented.


Its objectives are (from ESB Statute article 4):

  • To encourage, foster, promote and develop research, progress and information concerning the science of biomaterials, as well as to promote, initiate, sustain and bring to a satisfactory conclusion research with others and programs of development and information in this particular field.
  • To collaborate with other associations and bodies whose efforts are directed at the same objectives and whose interest are allied with or are similar to those of the Society itself.
  • To promote the propagation of scientific information through publications and meetings.
  • To co-operate with other scientific organizations, governmental and private bodies, both national and international, in order to establish specifications and standards for biomaterials in general.
  • To encourage progress in the field of biomaterials in all its aspects, including research, teaching and clinical applications, as well as to foster any other activity pertinent thereto.



The Society can award PhDs with a European Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Doctoral Award (EBTEDA) if they fulfil some requirements such has having done their training in at least two European countries and can discuss their field of research in at least two European languages.

The George Winter Award[edit]

It is established to recognise, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials. Is handed out on the Society Annual Meeting. George D. Winter was the first President of the Society.

The Jean Leray Award[edit]

This award is established to recognise, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials by young scientists. A candidate must be not more than 40 years old at the end of the nomination period, and have completed a postdoctoral research fellowship within the previous eight years. Jean Leray was the first Vice-President of the Society.

Any member of the European Society for Biomaterials in good standing may nominate candidates for the George Winter and the Jean Leray awards. The nominee needs neither to be a member of the European Society for Biomaterials nor a citizen of a European country. Posthumous nominations are not considered.

As a way to encourage the presence of young researchers at the conference the Society also hands out:

Student Travel Awards[edit]

The Society supports student participation at their conferences through the travel award scheme. Applications for consideration must be submitted at the time of registration.

Student Prizes[edit]

The Society award prizes for the best student poster and oral presentation made during any particular Society conference.


The ESB home journal is the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (ISSN 0957-4530) published by Springer. Each year a special issue of selected contributions to the annual conference is published.

Annual Conference[edit]

The annual meeting rotates between the European countries which has organisation members. It comprises oral and poster presentations of novel results, and plenary sessions of invited speakers to describe general trends and developments. Special work groups and workshops are featured. Both academia and companies uses the event to expose themselves, their products, services and job opportunities. The annual conference sports a Young Scientist Forum to discuss education and teaching within the field of biomaterials.

Job opportunities[edit]

The Society has no paid staff. But the organisation acts as a message board for anyone to post job opportunities within academia.

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