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The European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI) was founded on February 12, 1967 as a pan-European society of clinicians and scientists with a genuine interest in uncovering disease mechanisms. The term clinical investigation is interpreted widely, from bench-to-bedside and vice versa, including animal studies relevant to human health and disease.


The objectives of ESCI are

  • the advancement of medical practice through biomedical science,
  • the cultivation of clinical research by the methods of the natural sciences,
  • the correlation of the science art and medicine,
  • the fostering of high standards of ethical practice and investigation, and
  • the diffusion of a spirit of fraternity and international cooperation among and through its members.

The goal is to be the leading clinical research society across Europe.

European Journal of Clinical Investigation[edit]

ESCI publishes the monthly European Journal of Clinical Investigation (EJCI), containing significant papers in the field of clinical investigation. The term clinical investigation is interpreted widely to include biomedical research from bench-to-bedside and vice versa including animal studies of relevance to human health and disease. The current journal impact factor is 2.734.[1]


Every year, ESCI gives two awards for the best basic and clinical research articles of the year published in European Journal of Clinical Investigation (EJCI). A significant part of the research must have been performed in Europe. The prize for each award is 1,000 euro. The recipient of each of the awards delivers a plenary lecture during the Annual Scientific Meeting of ESCI, summarising the work for which the award was given.

Previous winners of the ESCI Awards

Year Awardee
2015 Danuta Zapolska-Downar, Klaus Distelmaier
2014 Dirk Schübeler, Xenofon Baraliakos
2013 Luca Scorrano, Mihai G. Netea
2012 Triantafyllos Chavakis
2011 Caetano Reis e Sousa, Georg Schett
2010 Reuven Agami, I. Sadaf Farooqi
2009 Josef M Penninger
2008 László Nagy
2007 John PA Ioannidis
2006 Michael Roden
2005 Lars Fugger
2004 Allan Flyvbjerg
2003 Raphael Scharfmann
2002 Hugh Edward Montgomery
2001 Hans C Clevers
2000 Seppo Ylä-Herttuala
1999 Guido Poli
1998 Anthony HV Schapira
1997 Irene Virgolini
1996 Paolo Golino
1995 Peter Valent
1994 Bo Angelin
Year Awardee
1993 Thomas F Lüscher
1992 Roberto Montesano
1991 René RP de Vries
1990 Douglas Roland Higgs
1989 Daniel P Lew
1988 Anthony W Segal
1987 Gian Franco Bottazzo
1986 Lars-Inge Larsson
1985 Rofl M Zinkernagel
1984 Pierre Corvol & J Ménard
1983 Fritz R Bühler
1982 GG Rousseau
1981 Timothy J Peters
1980 Alberto Malliani
1979 Jens F Rehfeld
1978 Lelio Orci
1977 David JH Brock
1976 Jean-François Bach

Annual Scientific Meeting[edit]

ESCI organizes an annual scientific meeting. ESCI awards travel grants for young scientists to attend the annual meeting.

Year Location
2020 Bari, Italy
2019 Coimbra, Portugal
2018 Barcelona, Spain
2017 Genoa, Italy
2016 Paris, France
2015 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014 Utrecht, The Netherlands
2013 Albufeira, Portugal
2012 Budapest, Hungary
2011 Heraklion, Greece
2010 Bari, Italy
2009 Frankfurt, Germany
2008 Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Uppsala, Sweden
2006 Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Athens, Greece
2004 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Recent Presidents of ESCI[edit]

Year President
2015-2019 Hendrik Nathoe (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2011-2015 Piero Portincasa (Bari, Italy)
2008-2011 George P. Chrousos (Athens, Greece)
2005-2008 Joannes J.M. Marx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2002-2005 Heinrich M. Schulte (Hamburg, Germany)
1999-2002 Lina Badimon (Barcelona, Spain)


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