European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology

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European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology
Formation 1998
Gabriella Pasi

The European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT) is a scientific association with the aims to disseminate and promote fuzzy logic and related subjects (sometimes comprised under the collective terms soft computing or computational intelligence) and to provide a platform for exchange between scientists and engineers working in these fields. The society is both open for academic and industrial members.


EUSFLAT was founded in 1998 in Spain as the successor of the National Spanish Fuzzy Logic Society, ESTYLF, with the aim to open the society for members from other European countries. Since then, the society managed to attract a large share of members from outside Spain, and even beyond Europe, with the Spanish members still being the largest group inside EUSFLAT. For these historical reasons, the society is officially registered in Spain.


Starting with 1999, EUSFLAT has been organizing its biannual conferences in odd years. Previous meetings:



EUSFLAT is led by the President, who is elected for a two-year period, and cannot serve for more than two consecutive periods.[2]


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