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The European Taekwondo Championships are the European senior championships in Taekwondo, first held in Barcelona 1976. They are organized by the European Taekwondo Union, the continental affiliate of the World Taekwondo Federation, which organises and controls Olympic style taekwondo.

The championships should not be confused with -

  • the European Games taekwondo competitions, which form part of a continental multi-sport event in the Olympic tradition;
  • the EITF European Taekwondo Championships, a championships organised by the European International Taekwondo Federation, the continental arm of the International Taekwondo Federation.[1]

List of tournaments[edit]

Edition Host City Country Champion
1976 (details) Barcelona  Spain  Netherlands
1978 (details) Munich  West Germany  Germany
1980 (details) Copenhagen  Denmark  Germany
1982 (details) Rome  Italy  Germany
1984 (details) Stuttgart  West Germany  Germany
1986 (details) Seefeld  Austria  Netherlands
1988 (details) Ankara  Turkey  Turkey
1990 (details) Aarhus  Denmark  Turkey
1992 (details) Valencia  Spain  Spain
1994 (details) Zagreb  Croatia  Spain
1996 (details) Helsinki  Finland  Spain
1998 (details) Eindhoven  Netherlands  Spain
2000 (details) Patras  Greece  Turkey
2002 (details) Samsun  Turkey  Netherlands
2004 (details) Lillehammer  Norway  Spain
2005 (details) Riga  Latvia  Turkey
2006 (details) Bonn  Germany  Spain
2008 (details) Rome  Italy  Turkey
2010 (details) St. Petersburg  Russia  Turkey
2012 (details) Manchester  United Kingdom  France
2014 (details) Baku  Azerbaijan  Croatia
2016 (details) Montreux   Switzerland  Great Britain
2018 (details) Liberec  Czech Republic


  1. ^ ITF is a smaller international federation unaffiliated to either WTF or IOC, and competing under slightly modified rules including the wearing of padded gloves and footwear.

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