European Tunisians

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European Tunisians
Total population
c. 4,801,358
Tunisian Derja, French, Italian, Maltese
Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Related ethnic groups

European Tunisians are Tunisians whose ancestry lies within the continent of Europe and its ethnic groups, most notably French people, German people, British people, Italian Tunisians (mostly Sicilians and Sardinians), Maltese people, Russians, Slavic people, Greeks, Iberians, Circassians and Turco-Tunisians.

Prior to independence, there were 255,000 Europeans in Tunisia in 1956.[1] In 1926, there were 90,000 Italians in Tunisia, compared to 70,000 Frenchmen, despite the fact that Tunisia was a French protectorate, as well as 8,396 Maltese.[2]

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