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The Dinaane Debut Fiction Award, formerly the European Union Literary Award, is a South African literary award.[1] This award is open to South African and SADC[2] writers who are residents of these countries. The manuscripts that are submitted must be a first, unpublished work of fiction in English,[3] or translations of other South African languages into English providing the work has not been published in other languages. The word "dinaane" means "telling our stories together" in Setswana, says Jacana.[1]

In 2015, the European Union Literary Award was renamed the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award.[1] It is supported by various European Union embassies and commissions operating in South Africa. The winner is awarded a cash prize of R35 000.00 along with publication of their manuscript with Jacana Media. In honor of Gerald Kraak, who helped run Jacana Media until his death in 2014[4], the Kraak Writing Grant is also awarded. The grant is awarded to an entrant whose manuscript showed great promise and who would most benefit from a three-month mentor-ship with an industry leading mentor. The Dinaane Debut Fiction Award was first given in 2004.[1]


European Union Literary Award
Dinaane Debut Fiction Award


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