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European University Cyprus
TypePrivate University
PresidentDr. Christoforos Hadjikyprianou
RectorDr. Kostas Gouliamos

European University Cyprus (EUC); Greek: Ευρωπαϊκό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου), evolved out of Cyprus College, which is the oldest institution of higher education in Cyprus established 1961. EUC received university status in 2007 under the Rectorship of Prof. Dr. Andreas G Orphanides. The institution has a student enrollment of more than 6,500 and provides internationally recognized undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees. Students are graded based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Microsoft has selected European University Cyprus to be its partner institution for the establishment of the only Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Cyprus and 1 of the 110 operating worldwide. The operation of the MIC at European University Cyprus will greatly benefit students, faculty, IT professionals, researchers, the economy and society at large.

The new campus with its recent expansion and upgrading consists of modern facilities, well-equipped laboratories, amphitheater lecture halls, student apartments and entertainment venues. European University Cyprus cooperates with several universities all over the world. It participates in Erasmus+ [1] program and enables students, academics and staff to travel and study at several universities in Europe.

Schools and Departments[edit]

European University Cyprus has 5 schools:

School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences[edit]

  • Department of Arts
  • Department of Education Sciences
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Sciences[edit]

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Health Sciences
  • Department of Life Sciences

Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration[edit]

  • Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • Department of Management and Marketing

School of Medicine[edit]

The culmination of European University Cyprus development was the establishment and accreditation of its School of Medicine . Students are taught and trained in Cyprus. No ‘premedical’ coursework is required as the program of study provides an all-inclusive, full basic sciences thematic unit. The European University Cyprus School of Medicine is accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, approved by Hellenic Naric and listed in the International Medical Directory of FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research). [2] Nobel Laureates, Biochemist Tomas Lindahl (Chemistry 2015) and Biochemist Robert Huber (Chemistry 1988) are among the Professors of the School of Medicine. Nobel Laureate (Chemistry 2009), Biochemist Ada Yonath and Biochemist Jean-Marie Lehn (Chemistry 1987), are Honorary professors of the School of Medicine. In 2017, the School of Medicine offered the 1st and only Dentistry Degree Program in Cyprus.

School of Law[edit]

The School of Law of European University Cyprus is the first autonomous School of Law in Cyprus, by the Law Council of the Republic of Cyprus. This enables graduates to register at the bar Association of Cyprus recognized .[3]

Distance Learning Unit[edit]

The Distance Learning Unit offers programs leading to bachelor's and master's degrees. The purpose of the Distance Learning Unit is to offer access to education and knowledge to all people who cannot attend the face-to-face programs due to personal, professional and/or geographical reasons. Students are able to participate through a Virtual Campus and the Blackboard platform. the main objects of this kind, of course, are the learning activity and the preparation of the students for the final examination. The three main elements of the Distance education programs are learning resources, collaboration and guidance from the teaching staff.[4] [5] In collaboration learning collaboratively means using teamwork, through communication and discussion with the tutor and other classmates, to solve problems, develop projects, create products jointly. Guidance means different types of relations that are created and developed between the students and the teaching staff of the European University of Cyprus, helping the student on the content of the courses but also includes tutoring and coaching concerning the planning of their study, problem resolution, the evaluation process and decision making an issue. The term resources include both educational materials expressly designed to support and convey learning content, and other types of documents and tools[6]

International Hub[edit]

European University Cyprus was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the whole period of the Erasmus + Program (2014-2020).

European University Cyprus International Hub is responsible for the coordination of the Erasmus+ program and works towards achieving the objectives of the program by participating in one or several of the following activities:

  1. Key Action 1: Student and staff mobility (within Europe and/or to/from Third Countries); joint master's degrees
  2. Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances, capacity building with neighboring countries, capacity building with Third Countries
  3. Key Action 3: Networks and policy support measures.[7]

Awards and recognition[edit]

ECTS Label

European University Cyprus was awarded the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Label by the European Commission.

Recognized by the Hellenic Naric (DOATAP)

European University Cyprus has been recognized by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre of Greece (DOATAP), as equivalent and corresponding to the Greek Universities.[8]

School of Medicine

The School of Medicine has been awarded first prize for Best Medical Installations and first prize for Best Medical Solutions in Crestron International Awards Competition.[9]

Science Shop

European University Cyprus has placed Cyprus in the international and European map of “Science Shops”, with the establishment of the first “Science Shop”, one of 30 operating in Europe today. The “Science Shop” is a member of the International Network of the “Living Knowledge” International Science Shop. In Cyprus, the first “Science Shop” has been incorporated into the EUC through the PERARES European Research Program (Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society, 7th framework program).


European University Cyprus was rated by QS TOP UNIVERSITIES (QS Stars).[10] QS Stars University Rating is used by interested parties and prospective students internationally to get a wider but also more comprehensive picture of an institution’s qualities, looking at its administrative and academic standing assessing every aspect of a university’s performance from teaching and the employability of its graduates to its facilities and social responsibility.[11]

Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft has selected European University Cyprus to be its partner institution for the establishment of the only Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Cyprus, one of the 110 Microsoft Innovation Centers worldwide. The operation of the MIC at European University Cyprus will greatly benefit students, faculty, IT professionals, researchers, the economy and society at large. The MICs are state-of-the-art tech hubs designed to promote collaboration on innovative research, technology or software solutions, involving a combination of governmental, academic and industrial participants.

Partner of the World Economic Forum (Davos) in a study on competitiveness

European University Cyprus is the Official partner of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland researching the issue of competitiveness in Cyprus.

Approval of the Nursing Degree by the European Commission

The Nursing Degree is recognized by the European Commission, covered by Directive 2005/36/EC on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications between Member States.

World Ranking

European University Cyprus is ranked among the top 3000 universities in the world.[12]


The institution was founded by Ioannis Gregoriou in 1961 under the name Cyprus College, to provide students with well-rounded programs of study combining academic and practical knowledge. The College developed into European University Cyprus in 2007 under the Rectorship of Prof. Dr. Andreas G Orphanides, following a change in the law to allow the operation of private universities in Cyprus. All Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D Programs have been approved by the Cyprus Agency of Quality (DIPAE) and are recognized worldwide.[13]

Student Services[edit]


European University Cyprus has its own private apartments near the campus. The total capacity of the University’s housing facilities is 144 people. Single, double, triple and quadruple apartments and studios are available. The apartments are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and air conditioning systems. The monthly rent for student apartments ranges from €250 to €490 depending on the choice of apartment. Costs for electricity, water, and heating are not included in the rent.

Details of the cost of accommodation and services are provided by the Housing Office. Additionally, the Housing Office has a list of private apartments/houses for rent very close to campus. Typically, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is between €300 to €500 a month, two-bedroom is between €400 to €550 a month, while the rent for a three-bedroom apartment is between €550 to €650 a month. The cost of living in Nicosia depends on the lifestyle of each individual. For the average student, it is calculated between €450 to €550 a month.[14]

On the University campus, a cafeteria-restaurant offers meals and snacks at regulated prices. The cafeteria-restaurant is open daily from 8:00am – 9:00pm except for Saturday and Sunday.

Student Life

Campus life at European University Cyprus focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth and nurturing of students. Students are encouraged to become involved with one or more clubs and student organizations. Extracurricular activities range from Legal Rhetoric Speech Contests, Cultural Nights, Meditation, BBQs, Parties, Excursions and Festivals.[15]

The Laureate Professional Assessment

The LPA – Laureate Professional Assessment is a tool employed by the Career Center for the purpose of facilitating the transition of young graduates into the labor market. This specific assessment tool, developed by Laureate International Universities seeks to measure and record the individual skills of graduates. At the end of the academic year, each graduate will be examined on the basis of the LPA psychometric tool. A personal assessment report – the LPA Certificate – describing their performance, their skills and personal traits across a range of competencies will complement their academic and personal achievements and considerably boost their job search process.[16]

Career Center

The Career Center was established in 1989 and has provided students as well as alumni with personal and career development counseling and advice. The Center maintains links to a wide range of local and regional public sector organizations and private corporations. Every year the Career Center invites distinguished professionals from various fields to talk to students helping them broaden their scope and understanding of the job market as well as refine their own professional choices. European University Cyprus has adopted and developed several specialized tools to assist its students including the Employability Database and the Ariadne Psychometric Tool and is an active member of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience IAESTE.[17]


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