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European Vegetarian Union (EVU)
European Vegetarian Union Logo
Founded 1988
Type Non-profit organization, Non-governmental organization
Focus Vegetarianism
Origins Hilversum/The Netherlands
Area served
Product Business Development, Standards organization
200 members from 30 Countries
Owner Members of "The European Vegetarian Union" (EVU)
Key people
Renato Pichler
Slogan "a world without slaughter but with respect for life in all its forms"
The v-label symbol identifies vegetarian food in the main categories: vegetarian, ovo, lacto, ovo-lacto, vegan.
Effective region Worldwide
Effective since 1995[1]
Product category Food label
Legal status Consumer recognized

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) is an Non-profit-, Non-governmental organization umbrella organization for vegetarian societies and groups in Europe. The Union works in the areas of vegetarianism, nutrition, health, consumer protection, the campaign for animal rights, ecology, general information and against world hunger. Headquarters are in Winterthur (Switzerland), together with the Swiss organization Swissveg.


  • In October 2011, Renato Pichler, President of the EVU, reported that the French government's Décret 2011-1227 and associated Arrêté (September 30, 2011) effectively outlaws the serving of vegan meals at any public or private school in France. Similar decrees are proposed for kindergartens, hospitals, prisons and retirement homes.[4]


The main activities of the EVU are:

  • To support and represent member societies on a European level, and to offer a platform for close cooperation;
  • To raise public awareness of, and promote vegetarianism, vegetarian issues and the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle;
  • To lobby governments, European institutions and organisations for greater recognition of vegetarian issues in policy decisions; and
  • To further promote the successful V-label scheme (Universal Vegetarian Symbol), in the interest of all vegetarian and vegan consumers across Europe and the rest of the world. The V-Label is a standardised European vegetarian label from the EVU with the aim of easy identification of vegetarian products and services.

The EVU aims to support vegetarian organisations across Europe and bring them closer together. This is especially important in countries where the vegetarian philosophy has not yet had a chance to develop.[citation needed]

The connection between the various member societies is promoted through the EVU magazine "European Vegetarian". This is produced twice a year and reports on events, news, trends, developments, initiatives and activities that are of interest to vegetarians.[citation needed]

Also very important are the opportunities for vegetarians from all over Europe to meet in person and be able to exchange ideas and information, offer each other help and build links with other organisations. International meetings and events, where the latest developments and findings can be discussed in lectures and working groups, serve this purpose well.[citation needed]

Through membership of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), the EVU is in contact with the international vegetarian community.[citation needed]

EVU receives regular information and alerts from the most important international organisations and media companies, which allows for a close monitoring of important international economic, political and social developments.[citation needed]

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