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Politico Europe
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Politico and Axel Springer AG
Editor Matthew Kaminski (since April 2015)
Founded 1995
Political alignment Neutral
Language English. Podcasts and articles in French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, German, Polish, Spanish
Headquarters Politico,
Rue de la Loi 62,
1040 Brussels
Website www.politico.eu

Politico Europe is a Brussels-based European affairs weekly newspaper. It is the successor of European Voice, which changed in April 2015 after being acquired in December 2014 by a joint venture between United States-based political publisher Politico and Berlin-based Axel Springer AG.[1] Politico Europe debuted in print on April 23, 2015.[2] Among the reporters who work for Politico are Ryan Heath, Tara Palmeri, Florian Eder, Alex Spence and Matthew Karnitschnig.


European Voice was an English-language newspaper founded by The Economist Group in 1995.[3] In 2013, it was sold to the French company Selectcom owned by Shéhérazade Semsar de Boisséson.[4] The newspaper reports on the activities of the key European Union institutions: the European Commission (EU), European Parliament, and Council of Ministers. The paper is available on subscription or by direct sale from a limited number of newsstands in Brussels, London, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg – reflecting the specialist nature of its readership.


European Voice maintained an independent stance regarding the affairs of the European Union (EU). The majority of the paper's articles cover the day-to-day business of the EU and its interactions in domestic and international affairs. There is also an editorial, an opinion section, and a section for readers' letters. Each week, it publishes a roughly 1,000-word profile of a politician, official or public figure of influence or importance within the EU and particularly within Brussels. It regularly publishes a special report on a specific issue, which is usually topical (for example, climate change) and examines the issue and its relationship with the EU. The paper also has an "Entre Nous" column, which reports, often in a humorous tone, on the more unusual stories of the week and inside-the-beltway to-ings and fro-ings. "Entre Nous" originally featured on the back page, but this was moved within the main body of the paper as part of a larger redesign of both printed and online editions of the paper, which emphasised better categorisation and more colour prints. Web-only material includes news articles and commentaries, sometimes longer and of a broader European character than the opinion pieces within the newspaper.

Other activities[edit]

POLITICO organises and hosts series of high-level conferences, seminars, fairs and debates bringing together professionals across a wide range of EU-related disciplines.

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