European cucumber

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European cucumber
Species Cucumis sativus

The European cucumber (also known as English cucumber, burpless cucumber, hothouse cucumber, seedless cucumber, gourmet cucumber or greenhouse cucumber,[1][2]) is a variety of "seedless" cucumber that is longer and slimmer than other varieties of cucumber.

They do not have a layer of wax on them, and the skin is tender when ripe.[3][4]

As produce[edit]

These cucumbers may come wrapped in plastic for longer shelf-life and better freshness. As a seedless variety, they do not have to be seeded or peeled before consuming.[1][5]

Can be more expensive and less flavorful than some other types of cucumber.[5] They are used in salads, and for pickling.[1][2] They can be sliced lengthwise, width-wise, diced and julienned. They then can be grilled and puréed.[2]


They were first grown in greenhouses in the 13th Century by the Romans.[2]


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