European route E12

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E12 shield

Route information
Length910 km (570 mi)
Major junctions
North-West endMo i Rana, Norway
South-East endHelsinki, Finland
Countries Norway
Highway system
International E-road network
E 12 in Parola, Finland
E 12 in Norway

European route E 12 is a road that is part of the International E-road network. It begins in Mo i Rana, Norway, transverses Sweden and ends in Helsinki, Finland, with a ferry line between Sweden and Finland. The part within Finland is Finnish national highway 3. The road is about 910 km (570 mi) in length.

The road follows the route: Mo i Rana – Storuman, Sweden – Lycksele, Sweden – Umeå, Sweden – Holmsund, Sweden – (ferry)Vaasa, Finland – Tampere, Finland – Hämeenlinna, Finland – Helsinki.

The ferry line has one departure per day. It risks being cancelled because a commercial company operates it, and it is unprofitable because of low passenger figures. There is no government support, only domestic connections can get it, since it is a principle especially in Sweden that international travel should not be supported by taxpayers. However, the city of Vaasa supports the ferry route.

Blue Highway[edit]

The European route E 12 from Mo i Rana to Vaasa is part of the Blue Highway, which is an international tourist route from Norway to Russia via Sweden and Finland.