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E233 shield

Major junctions
From: Cloppenburg (Germany)
To: Hoogeveen (Netherlands)
Countries: Netherlands and Germany
Highway system
International E-road network

The E 233 is a European Class-B road in the Netherlands and Germany, connecting the cities of Hoogeveen and Cloppenburg.

Highway connections[edit]

The E 233 has a total length of 135 kilometres, and serves as the connector between the E 37 and the E 232. From east to west the following highways share junctions with the E 233:


  • E37 (Autobahn no. 1) - Cloppenburg (Lower Saxony)
  • E41 (proposed extension; Autobahn no. 31) - Meppen


  • N92 (Highway 34) - Holsloot
  • RW48 - Hoogeveen
  • E232 (Highway 28) - Hoogeveen

The Dutch section of the route is constructed as a motorway, while the German section is non-motorway (Bundesstrasse). Initially, the route connected Cloppenburg with Oldenzaal, where it joined the E 30. However, the Dutch national government wanted to promote a better connection of the province of Drenthe to Lower Saxony, thus the route was changed in the early 1990s.[1]

Before the renumbering of the E-roads in the 1980s, this route was known as the E 72.[2]


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